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"When I was young, I read all sorts of stuff. One week it would be Lovecraft, the next Vance. It was all imaginative literature, or as my dad called it 'Weird Stuff.' It was all 'Weird Stuff.'"

George R.R. Martin

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February 2016
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A Song of Ice and Fire

SF Site Readers’ Choice Awards

It seems it’s that time of year for SF/F sites to host end-of-the-year awards, because SF Site has gotten into the game with its 2005 Readers’ Choice Awards. Instructions can be found here. In 1999, A Clash of Kings took the #1 place. In 2000, A Storm of Swords took first place as well. After five years, can A Feast for Crows
continue the sweep?

Amok and the Dragons

Amok has decided to try and fill out his Targaryen portraits by doing drawings of other, notable Targaryens. He’s calling for names of those Targaryens, and descriptions (if any can be found), so as to try and produce this work prior to Christmas. You can read about it here. While you’re at it, go and vote in the polls for which other characters Amok should try his skilled hand at in the future.

GRRM Video Interview

Via Emerald City, we learn that Fast Forward TV features an 18 minute interview with George discussing A Feast for Crows. An audio-only download is also available for those with slower connections.

A Feast For Crows #1

A report from GRRM’s signing in Petaluma indicates that he has just gotten word that ... will enter the November 27th New York Times’ Bestseller list at #1. This has now been confirmed by Bantam Dell. The bestseller lists for the Wall Street Journal and Publisher’s Weekly also place the book at #1, while USA Today’s list places it at #2. Congratulations, George!

Order AFfC Limited Edition is now taking orders for the limited edition of A Feast for Crows. As we posted before, only 1,000 of these slip-cased, signed books will be made available, so they’re likely to disappear pretty quickly.

Webcomic References AFfC

Slightly late, but the webcomic “Least I Could Do”, created by Ryan Sohmer, made the release of   A Feast for Crows a key player in one of their strips.  Good fun.

AFfC A BookSense Bestsller

For the week ending November 15th, A Feast for Crows hit the number two spot on the BookSense Bestseller List . Booksense is a website for a coalition of independent booksellers throughout the 50 states, and appears to compile its list from sales from participating stores.

Lev Grossman on GRRM

Lev Grossman of Times Magazine, who has been cited before for his positive remarks concerning GRRM and A Feast for Crows, has now written a write up boldly titled, "The American Tolkien".

Chinese Interior Illustrations

A member of the new board pointed out that illustrations from the Chinese edition of A Feast for Crows have been put up at a Chinese-language website (possibly that of the publisher). It’s not clear whether these are illustrations or cover illustrations, as the Taiwanese edition of the novel was split into three volumes.

GRRM Interview

Roz Kaveney has posted her interview of GRRM that she has written for Time Out. Misspelling Cersei’s name aside, it’s quite an interesting interview, although somewhat spoilerish. In particular,  it contains a fascinating quote from GRRM when comparing Daenerys’s travails in A Dance with Dragons with those of another POV character in A Feast for Crows.

Limited Edition A Feast For Crows

Voyager UK, in partnership with, is selling a limited edition of A Feast for Crows. Only 1,000 of these slip-cased, signed books will be made available. At the moment is not yet taking pre-orders, but we will post again as soon as we learn that they are.

A Feast For Crows At Amazon

A Feast for Crows is doing very well at, reaching #2 on their bestseller list (behind an Oprah Book Club selection), and has now been selected as one of the Top 10 SF/F Editor’s Choices!

A Feast For Crows Out

A Feast for Crows has now been shipping from, and is today officially available in bookstores. Go out and get it today!

A Feast for Crows Audio Excerpt

With A Feast for Crows now published in the U.S., something else is available as well: Random House’s unabridged audio CD read by John Lee. His reading has gotten high marks in the two reviews we’ve seen, and just to whet your appetite, Random House’s audio division has been kind enough to send us two excerpts from the audiobook.

More Targaryen Kings

Amok has updated his website with three more of the images of the Targaryen kings that he painted for the Art of Ice and Fire art book.

He has also posted GRRM’s descriptions for these three kings, Aegon II, Aegon III and Daeron I, to his forum.