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George R.R. Martin

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A Song of Ice and Fire

AFfC Chapter Breakdown

Here’s a LiveJournal posting which claims to have some very interesting information about A Feast for Crows, primarily a breakdown of the chapters that it contains. At this time, we are unable to verify whether it is entirely accurate or not, but as there are ARCs out there it may very well be, and it does match with the details we do have so far. Don’t click on the link if you want to avoid spoilers!

We’ve been informed that the breakdown is authentic, except it contains an error: when you see a single POV with two back-to-back chapters, it should in fact just be one.

Last Call for the Quest of Thrones

September 16th is the last day to sign up for the Quest of Thrones, Bantam’s Internet scavenger hunt game. Don’t miss out on great prizes, such as a copy of A Feast for Crows as well as items from Bantam’s various partners in the game (including Fantasy Flight Games, Testors, DB Pro, and Guardians of Order).

New Audiobook Reader

Recently, word has been going around that Roy Dotrice was not going to be the reader for the A Feast for Crows audibook, after having done an excellent job on the prior three volumes. Another voice actor, John Lee, is now attached to the novel.

To confirm this news, and learn a little more about the change, we contacted Mr. Dotrice and he responded with the confirmation, as well as some extra information regarding how it came about that he would not be reading the book.

Quest for Thrones Reminder

Bantam Spectra has sent out a reminder to newsletter subscribers regarding the Quest of Thrones. Part of the text follows.

Winterfell Releases New Album

Winterfell, a heavy metal band who has drawn inspiration from the A Song of Ice and Fire series, has released their first, full-length album, The Veil of Summer. One full song and two clips are available here.

More information, including how to purchase it via their on-line store and other outlets, can be found on their news page.

New AFfC Excerpt Available

Following reports that an excerpt booklet containing a chapter of AFfC was being given away free at Barnes & Nobles in the U.S., it’s now come to light that the same excerpt is now available at Barnes & Nobles on-line store. You can find the excerpt here.

AFfC Australian Publication Date

Contrary to early word that Voyager Australia would be releasing A Feast for Crows on September 28th, two weeks prior to the U.K. release, the publisher has now confirmed that the Australian edition of A Feast for Crows shares the same release date with the U.K. edition: October 17.

New AFfC Excerpt Booklet

Bantam has sent out free promotional booklets to stores throughout the U.S., to match the release of their new A Game of Thrones paperbacks priced at $3.99. These booklets contain a chapter from A Feast for Crows, titled “The Captain of Guards”.  It has been noted that not all bookstores have received these. Furthermore, some that have received them have not actually placed them out for customers to take. If you try some stores (particularly large chains) and find they don’t have it, ask to talk with their general manager and ask them if they know anything about it or, better yet, have any copies on hand.

GRRM On-Line Signing

If you would like a signed copy of a A Feast for Crows, but can’t get to any of the locations where GRRM will be signing the book, then the Signed Page has the solution for you. GRRM will sign 200 copies of the book for the Signed Page, and pre-ordering for these has now begun. For more details, head over to

The Quest of Thrones Begins

The Quest of Thrones online adventure based on the A Song of Fire and Ice novels of George R.R. Martin.

Deadline for registration: September 16, 2005

The momentum is building for The Quest of Thrones, a online adventure is based upon George R. R. Martins epic fantasy series that began with A GAME OF THRONES and continues to unfold with the-soon-to-be-released fourth novel A Feast for Crows (US on-sale date 11/8).  It is a Quest to track down characters from this bestselling series hidden across the Internet.  There will be successes and losses, decrees from on high, life and death, battles for dominance, and a multitude of kingdoms.  But only those who remain loyal to the Quest during its five-week duration may be rewarded.

For complete details visit the Quest of Thrones site at

Sign up now!

Once you register at, you’ll be assigned to one of five kingdoms, given five characters to track down during the Quest, and a special web address to report to on September 19, 2005. The Quest of Thrones is open to legal residents of the U.S. and Canada (excluding Puerto Rico and Quebec), who are 18 years of age or older as of August 15, 2005. Deadline for registration is 11:59 PM, U.S. Eastern Time (ET) on September 16, 2005.

Last Lettered ACoK

This information comes from Subterranean Press:

The Quest of Thrones

From Bantam’s newsletter:

Read the book, Join the Quest!

The momentum is building for The Quest of Thrones, an online adventure based upon George R. R. Martins epic fantasy cycle that began with A GAME OF THRONES and continues to unfold with he-soon-to-be-released fourth novel A FEAST FOR CROWS (US on-sale date 11/8). There will be successes and losses, decrees from on high, life and death, battles for dominance, and a multitude of kingdoms. But only those who remain loyal to the Quest during its five-week duration may be rewarded.

Further details to be posted after 8/16.

Interested in Limited Edition Map Print?

One of the posters at the board have been in contact with the artist who did the very nice King’s Landing map for Meisha Merlin’s edition of A Clash of Kings about producing a limited edition print of this map. If this sounds interesting, check out this thread for more information and a link to a scan of the map in question.

AFfC UK Publication Date

We’re a bit late with this due to having been on vacation, but if you haven’t already seen the news elsewhere, the UK publication date for A Feast for Crows has been confirmed to be October 17th 2005.

AFfC Australian Publication Date

According to a moderator on Voyager Australia’s message boards, A Feast for Crows will be published October 2005 in Australia.