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George R.R. Martin

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A Song of Ice and Fire

Last Lettered ACoK

This information comes from Subterranean Press:

The Quest of Thrones

From Bantam’s newsletter:

Read the book, Join the Quest!

The momentum is building for The Quest of Thrones, an online adventure based upon George R. R. Martins epic fantasy cycle that began with A GAME OF THRONES and continues to unfold with he-soon-to-be-released fourth novel A FEAST FOR CROWS (US on-sale date 11/8). There will be successes and losses, decrees from on high, life and death, battles for dominance, and a multitude of kingdoms. But only those who remain loyal to the Quest during its five-week duration may be rewarded.

Further details to be posted after 8/16.

Interested in Limited Edition Map Print?

One of the posters at the board have been in contact with the artist who did the very nice King’s Landing map for Meisha Merlin’s edition of A Clash of Kings about producing a limited edition print of this map. If this sounds interesting, check out this thread for more information and a link to a scan of the map in question.

AFfC UK Publication Date

We’re a bit late with this due to having been on vacation, but if you haven’t already seen the news elsewhere, the UK publication date for A Feast for Crows has been confirmed to be October 17th 2005.

AFfC Australian Publication Date

According to a moderator on Voyager Australia’s message boards, A Feast for Crows will be published October 2005 in Australia.

Attention Owners of the AGoT Limited Edition

GRRM has passed on a list of people who haven’t fully signed up for their limited edition of Clash of Kings after buying the Game of Thrones edition. If any of these people want to buy ACoK and retain the same number/letter as for their AGoT edition, they need to get in touch with Meisha Merlin to sign up for a copy, otherwise their number/letter will be made available for others to purchase.

More on Publication Dates

At the moment, Bantam is saying November 8th for the US edition, according to GRRM. This is not entirely set in stone, however. Harper Collins has yet to set a date for the UK edition, but it will probably be announced in the next 2-4 weeks.

AFfC US Publication Date

According to a report from the Book Expo in New York, GRRM has said that the US publication date for A Feast for Crows will be November 8th 2005. The full report will soon be added to the So Spake Martin collection.

AFfC Publication Date Info

Due to the confusion regarding the release date for AFfC, here’s the official word:

No, the book is not coming out in July, despite what any book store or friend of a friend might tell you. Even Random House’s website is inaccurate at present.

The book isn’t coming out in August, either.

GRRM has said that he thinks late September or October are probable, as those are the target dates which his publishers (both the US and the UK) are working towards. This isn’t absolutely fixed in stone, however, from anything we’ve been told.

When an official, solid release date is set, we’ll be informed. Keep an eye on GRRM’s official website, the board, and/or our own news page.

Official Site Update

For those of you who were holding out for the news to come straight from the horse’s mouth, GRRM’s official site has now been updated with the news of the completition of A Feast for Crows and an explanation for why some characters won’t be appearing until A Dance with Dragons.

AFfC is Done

Straight from ConQuest 36:

"George told us a long tale. His publishers told him the mostest it could be was 1600 manuscript pages. He passed that and a decision was made that it would have to be split in two. He thought about that and rejected it and proposed an alternative.

AFFC will be the size of AGoT. There will be no Daenerys chapters. There will be none of the chapters up North. The chapters in the South are done and in the hands of the publishers - George expects to announce a specific fall publication date. That means he can spend a little more time cleaning up the events in the North and present a coherent tale with a beginning and an end.

He expects some of his fans to be upset when their favorite characters don’t appear."

This has been confirmed by Parris, Martin’s SO, and these reports have also been added to the So Spake Martin collection.

So, those of you who haven’t yet pre-ordered your copy (or copies), why not do so at or Apparently they are supposed to come out more or less at the same time this time around, although the UK may be some weeks ahead.

ASoS Limited Edition Announcement

As previously rumoured, Subterranean Press has purchased the rights to continue publishing the limited A Song of Ice and Fire editions. An announcement regarding this can be found on their website.


Today’s Ctrl+Alt+Del might be amusing to fans.

Official Site Update

GRRM’s official site has been updated with, among other things, a new sample chapter and information about upcoming releases from Fantasy Flight Games for the CCG. Also, don’t miss the sneak preview of the first miniature due from Testors.

Official Site Update

GRRM’s official site has been updated with information about the release of the limited edition of A Clash of Kings and more information about the upcoming series of miniatures based on A Song of Ice and Fire.