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George R.R. Martin

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August 2016
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The Sworn Sword Adapted

Word is that Dabel Brothers Productions, who have recently launched their newly re-designed site and forums, are set to announce details regarding a comic book adaption of "The Sworn Sword" the second Dunk & Egg novella published in Legends 2. More news to follow shortly, and perhaps a first look at what’s coming.

AGoT RPG Shipping Update

Mark McKinnon, president of Guardians of Order, has posted an update regarding the shipping status of the RPG. For those who just can’t wait, the OGL d20 PDF is still on-sale at half the price of the hardcover edition and is available for immediate download.

Board Game FAQ Revised

Fantasy Flight Games has announced that the latest version of the FAQ for A Game of Thrones: The Board Game has been put online on the official game website.

First Look at Rhaegar

Tom Meier of Thunderbolt Mountain has posted another early preview image of the work he’s doing for Testors. It’s for the 54mm line of figures, and depicts Rhaegar fighting at the ruby ford.

Two More from Testors

Jaime Sims has sent along two more drawings of Illyrio from his work for Testors. They can be found in the Gallery.

Tom Meier Miniature Photos

The Testors goodness keeps coming, as the legendary Tom Meier has posted images of the first four Night’s Watch wargame miniatures that he’s completed.

Greens from Testors

As mentioned earlier, we had high hopes of getting more images from Testors down the road ... and now we have them. Check out the Gallery to see how Jamie Sims’s art has been translated into three dimensions thanks to this series of pictures of the Hodor, Bran, and Summer scene in "green" form.

One More Piece of Art

This one is rather special, because it’s a piece Jamie Sims painted for himself rather than Testors. Just to remind everyone, he’s not "just" an artist who was hired on—he’s a huge fan of the novels, as well. When he started getting into the process he was particularly drawn by the scene of Bran climbing a tree one last time. So, he painted it for himself, and now he’s allowed us to share it with everyone.

You can find the new piece of art in the new gallery for Jamie’s art.

Even More Testors Art

Wrapping up our series of posted images from Testors for their resin statute line, we’ve put the final three  of the current series today: a colored piece of Arya during her time in Flea Bottom, and black and white pieces of Ned Stark with Ice and Tyrion Lannister. One thing we didn’t mention before , is that all the images we have up are approved by GRRM. For example, he says Jamie Sims’s Tyrion is the nearest to his own mental image of the Imp.

Keep an eye out on this site in the future, because we hope to be able to share more concept art, plus images of the resins and the miniatures, as product development progresses!

CCG News & Chat

Fantasy Flight Games has announced that the Winter Edition of the A Game of Thrones CCG is now shipping and should be in stores by September 30th. Additionally, they note that on the 27th of September, they will be holding a chat with developers Eric Lang and Casey Galvan.

More Testors Art

Continuing our series of posted images from Testors for their resin statute line, we’ve put three more up today: a colored piece of the Old bear at his desk and black and white pieces of Sansa with Lady and Hodor, Bran, and Summer.

Check in again on Sunday when we finish up with Arya, Ned, and Tyrion, and a special treat.

RPG About to Ship

According to Guardians of Order, the A Game of Thrones Roleplaying Game is nearing the point where it can be shipped. The linked post provides a breakdown of where the various editions (the signed and unsigned Deluxe Limited Edition, and the Standard OGL edition) stand. Pre-orderers should start seeing these massive tomes arrive at their doorsteps as early as mid-October.

For those who simply can’t wait, the PDF of the OGL version is still available at DriveThruRPG, marked at half-price compared to the printed OGL.

Testors Concept Art Revealed

The announcement that Testors will be producing several lines of figures based on A Song of Ice and Fire has drawn a lot of interest. Details of Testors plans have previously been reported on here, here, and here. Now we’ve more than just news to share, however: now there’s concept art.

Official Art Book Page

The dam bursts, and now Fantasy Flight Games has opened up its official page for The Art of George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire.

It supplements details we reported yesterday, confirming that the deluxe edition will be $100, and adding that it will be available only through FFG’s on-line store.

Art Book Details Revealed

With the mad dash that’s been developing to get information regarding the art book (Dave McCaman at the Brotherhood without Banners was the first to get a scoop), we’ve been trying to see what else could be turned up. Well, at last, we’ve some more new information to put out there, thanks to the editor of the book, Brian Wood. Extracts from his mail to us follow.