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CCG News & Chat

Fantasy Flight Games has announced that the Winter Edition of the A Game of Thrones CCG is now shipping and should be in stores by September 30th. Additionally, they note that on the 27th of September, they will be holding a chat with developers Eric Lang and Casey Galvan.

More Testors Art

Continuing our series of posted images from Testors for their resin statute line, we’ve put three more up today: a colored piece of the Old bear at his desk and black and white pieces of Sansa with Lady and Hodor, Bran, and Summer.

Check in again on Sunday when we finish up with Arya, Ned, and Tyrion, and a special treat.

RPG About to Ship

According to Guardians of Order, the A Game of Thrones Roleplaying Game is nearing the point where it can be shipped. The linked post provides a breakdown of where the various editions (the signed and unsigned Deluxe Limited Edition, and the Standard OGL edition) stand. Pre-orderers should start seeing these massive tomes arrive at their doorsteps as early as mid-October.

For those who simply can’t wait, the PDF of the OGL version is still available at DriveThruRPG, marked at half-price compared to the printed OGL.

Testors Concept Art Revealed

The announcement that Testors will be producing several lines of figures based on A Song of Ice and Fire has drawn a lot of interest. Details of Testors plans have previously been reported on here, here, and here. Now we’ve more than just news to share, however: now there’s concept art.

Official Art Book Page

The dam bursts, and now Fantasy Flight Games has opened up its official page for The Art of George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire.

It supplements details we reported yesterday, confirming that the deluxe edition will be $100, and adding that it will be available only through FFG’s on-line store.

Art Book Details Revealed

With the mad dash that’s been developing to get information regarding the art book (Dave McCaman at the Brotherhood without Banners was the first to get a scoop), we’ve been trying to see what else could be turned up. Well, at last, we’ve some more new information to put out there, thanks to the editor of the book, Brian Wood. Extracts from his mail to us follow.

Excerpt Booklets Via Fantasy Flight

Fantasy Flight Games has announced that they have a limited supply of the A Feast for Crows  excerpt booklet (containing the chapter found here), thanks to Bantam Spectra. While supplies last, they will be including a copy in every A Game of Thrones CCG e-commerce order, and will also be including copies as part of the prize packages in officially supported CCG tournaments.

More Targaryen Kings

Amok has finished posting the first five of his portraits of the Targaryen kings, and promises to put up more after the Art of Ice and Fire artbook is published. He has also posted the descriptions that GRRM sent him regarding the appearances of those five kings. Expect to see the descriptions for the rest of the kings right here, at, after the artbook’s publication!

Guardians of Order Forum Returns

Following the process of moving to a new host, Guardians of Order is pleased to announce the resumption of their forum. Previous users will have to re-register before posting.

Amok and the Targaryen Kings

Amok, perhaps the best-known of the ASoIaF fan artists thanks to his contributions to Fantasy Flight Games’ Game of Thrones Collectible Card Game and the second edition of DB Pro’s "The Hedge Knight" graphic novel, has released the first of nineteen images depicting the line of the Targaryen rulers, from Aegon I to Daenerys Stormborn, which are part of his contribution to FFG’s forthcoming Art of Ice and Fire art book.

The first two images, of Aegon I with Blackfyre in his hand and his son (by his sister/wife Rhaenys) Aenys I, can be found here. Amok will post the first five in the series prior to the publication of the book, with the resting following after publication.

AGoT RPG PDFs for Sale

For those interested in perusing Guardians of Order‘s RPG for its setting information (particularly the tidbits of new stuff), PDFs of the Standard Edition (using the d20 system) are now available for purchase at only $24.99, half the price of the yet-to-be-released published version. 

To purchase it, go here.

ASoIaF RPG Approaching

Guardians of Order have recently made the Deluxe Limited Edition of their new A Game of Thrones Roleplaying Game available at GenCon. Before that, contributors to the game (such as ourselves) and pre-orderers were given free access to PDFs of the deluxe edition. Now that we’ve finally had some time to look over the finished product, we thought we’d share some of our thoughts.

Miniature Game Info

One of the Testor Corporation’s A Song of Ice and Fire product lines will be its skirmishing-scale wargame, previously reported on here. Now Andy Chambers, a well-known designer in the gaming community, has begun to provide more information about the game on his Red Star Games website. Don’t miss the PDF at the very bottom of the page.

The Art of Ice and Fire

From Fantasy Flight Games, makers of the AGoT CCG and board game, comes The Art of Ice and Fire, collecting art from the card game, the board game as well as other sources. Some of the art has never been seen before, and the book also includes a foreword from GRRM.

Note: Although currently lists a date of August 26th for this book, we believe the date listed by—October 21st— to be more accurate.

More Info from Testors

On the heels of our previous post, Mikel Butterworth of the Testor Corporation has provided us further information as well as clarifications to our last report.