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"When I was young, I read all sorts of stuff. One week it would be Lovecraft, the next Vance. It was all imaginative literature, or as my dad called it 'Weird Stuff.' It was all 'Weird Stuff.'"

George R.R. Martin

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Official Site Update

GRRM’s official site has been updated with information about the release of the limited edition of A Clash of Kings and more information about the upcoming series of miniatures based on A Song of Ice and Fire.

ASoIaF Miniatures

According to this press release, The Testor Corporation will be producing a line of pre-painted collectible miniatures, a line of metal signature pieces and a miniatures game based on A Song of Ice and Fire.

The series of pre-painted, collectible 1:18 scale miniatures will be released in September 2005. In January 2006, the line of 54 mm metal signature pieces will follow, and in the third quarter of 2006 the miniature game will debut.

AGoT RPG Update

Guardians of Order have published the second issue of their newsletter. Among other things, it reports that only 30 copies of the signed limited edition of the AGoT RPG remain. Unfortunately, the book will be delayed from March to May. In the meantime, a second preview of the RPG has also been made available.

Official Site Update

GRRM’s official site has been updated with information about a couple of upcoming limited editions: the A Game of Thrones RPG from Guardians of Order and the SF novella "Shadow Twin", which GRRM co-wrote with Gardner Dozois and Daniel Abraham, from Subterranean Press.

Limited Edition AGoT Update

Guardians of Order have published the first issue of their newsletter, which includes some information about the contents of the limited edition of the A Game of Thrones RPG. It also notes that 300 out of the 500 copies have now sold.

Guardians of Order News

Guardians of Order, the company producing the A Game of Thrones RPG, has posted a news announcement including some interesting information about the AGoT RPG. It also includes some not so great news; due to them being a Canadian company with incomes in US dollars and expenses in Canadian dollars, their profit has been smaller than expected this year, and they are now trying to raise money quickly to ensure that they will have the funds necessary to bring all of their planned products to the market. One way that they are trying to do this is via a sale of some of their titles, including some rarer ones, so if you have been considering picking up some of their titles, now is a very good time.

We certainly encourage everyone who is interested in the AGoT RPG to consider buying the limited edition. With a $30,000 art budget, we are expecting it to be gorgeous. And very, very faithful to GRRM’s books.

THK News

"The Hedge Knight" is #8 on’s Editor’s Picks: Comics and Graphic Novels for 2004.

Additionally, a second edition of "The Hedge Knight" (featuring a new cover and eight additional pages of art from Amok) will be released in March 2005.

New AGoT Board Game Expansion

Fantasy Flight Games has announced that a second expansion for the A Game of Thrones board game will be released late summer 2005.

Pre-Order the AGoT RPG

Guardians of Order have announced that the deluxe limited edition of the A Game of Thrones RPG is now available for pre-ordering.

The first 500 copies of this edition will only be available from Guardians of Order themselves, and each of these books will be numbered and signed by GRRM. Additional copies of this deluxe, dual-stat corebook will likely be available later on, but these will not be numbered or signed. Additionally, the book will be out in March 2005, some months ahead of the other editions.

Another Coin

The latest coin has come out of the Shire Post mint—a brothel token!

ASoIaF Art on Ebay

Mike S. Miller, artist for the Dabel Brother Production’s "The Hedge Knight" adaptation, has set up an Ebay store where he plans to sell original art from the comic. The first lot are pages from the adaptation of an excerpt from "The Sworn Sword" contained in "The Hedge Knight" trade collection.

GoT RPG at GenCon

Although the RPG is not quite finished yet, it appears that Guardians of Order will still be running a few Game of Thrones-related events at GenCon, starting Thursday (19/8). Check out their GenCon schedule for more details.

THK Trade Paperback Available

The trade paperback collection of the comic book adaption of "The Hedge Knight" has now been released. If you don’t have a store that carries it nearby, you can order it from They are currently listing it as not yet released, but they should likely begin shipping soon.

DB Pro Freebie

The creators of "The Hedge Knight" graphic novel adaption, Dabel Brothers Productions, have made available a pdf with short previews of all their current and many of their forthcoming titles.

It includes a brief look at "The Hedge Knight", and if you haven’t already picked it up, why not preoder the trade paperback collection of the whole series that is due out in June.

AGoT RPG Delayed

The A Game of Thrones RPG has been pushed back from its intended August 2004 release date to a fall release date. Guardians of Order, the makers of the game, states on their board that the reason is that until GRRM has finished A Feast for Crows, he does not have enough time to work with them on the RPG.