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ASoIaF Art on Ebay

Mike S. Miller, artist for the Dabel Brother Production’s "The Hedge Knight" adaptation, has set up an Ebay store where he plans to sell original art from the comic. The first lot are pages from the adaptation of an excerpt from "The Sworn Sword" contained in "The Hedge Knight" trade collection.

GoT RPG at GenCon

Although the RPG is not quite finished yet, it appears that Guardians of Order will still be running a few Game of Thrones-related events at GenCon, starting Thursday (19/8). Check out their GenCon schedule for more details.

THK Trade Paperback Available

The trade paperback collection of the comic book adaption of "The Hedge Knight" has now been released. If you don’t have a store that carries it nearby, you can order it from They are currently listing it as not yet released, but they should likely begin shipping soon.

DB Pro Freebie

The creators of "The Hedge Knight" graphic novel adaption, Dabel Brothers Productions, have made available a pdf with short previews of all their current and many of their forthcoming titles.

It includes a brief look at "The Hedge Knight", and if you haven’t already picked it up, why not preoder the trade paperback collection of the whole series that is due out in June.

AGoT RPG Delayed

The A Game of Thrones RPG has been pushed back from its intended August 2004 release date to a fall release date. Guardians of Order, the makers of the game, states on their board that the reason is that until GRRM has finished A Feast for Crows, he does not have enough time to work with them on the RPG.

Short Story Update

As previously mentioned, the trade paperback collection of "The Hedge Knight" comic book will contain additional material in the form of a short story. We have now learned that this story will be a comic book adaptation of the the story of the battle of the Redgrass Field as told in "The Sworn Sword".

More Westerosi Coins

The Shire Post, producers of coins from history and fantasy, have added another coin to their lineup of Westerosi coins; a silver stag from shortly after Aegon’s Conquest.

New GRRM Short Story

The trade paperback collection of "The Hedge Knight" comic book will, according to Dabel Brothers Production, contain a new short story by GRRM!


Reporting from the GAMA Trade Show, notes that Guardians of Order have announced a few more details about their upcoming A Game of Thrones RPG. The corebook is slated for an August 2004 release, with supplements due autumn 2004 and spring and summer 2005.

More Westerosi Coins

The Shire Post, producers of coins from history and fantasy, have added another coin to their lineup of Westerosi coins; a coin from the last King in the North, Torrhen Stark.

AGoT Boardgame Expansion

The A Game of Thrones boardgame, from Fantasy Flights Games, is being expanded with additional rules and components which will cover, for example, House Martell and the ports of Westeros. The A Clash of Kings expansion

is due out in June.

The Hedge Knight #3 Available

For those who have waited for the third part of the comic-book adapation of "The Hedge Knight", it is now available. Additionally, the collection of issues #1, #2 and #3 has also been released. Finally, you can also see a preview of issue #4 on Roaring Studios board.

THK #2 Out

The second issue of "The Hedge Knight" comic book is now available. The first one has sold well, but there should still be copies available, in case you haven’t picked it up yet. It comes highly recommended by the thematic consultants. ;)

RPG Information

Jesse Scoble, line developer for the A Song of Ice and Fire RPG by Guardians of Order, has been answering some questions regarding the book at GOO’s message board.  Read it if you’re curious about where the project stands and where it’ll be going in the future.

Hedge Knight #2 Preview

Newsarama has a preview of the second issue of the comic book adaptation of GRRM’s novella (images at the bottom of the page).

Other noteworthy items in the article are a press release regarding the first issue’s success as well as images of the Ted Naismith 2nd issue cover (no, that background is not a photo!) and the special Brothers Hildebrandt cover.