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2014 Ice and Fire Calendar Artist Named

George R.R. Martin shares the news that Gary Gianni will be illustrating the 2014 A Song of Ice and Fire calendar. Better yet, GRRM reports that the sales on the 2011 and 2012 calendars have been so strong that Random House has also contracted to create 2015 and 2016 calendars. Gianni is an Eisner-award winning artist, perhaps best known for having taken over the Prince Valiant comic strip in 2004 and for his artistic interpretations of Robert E. Howard’s oeuvre. Some truly beautiful artwork, both in color and black-and-white.

The 2013 calendar (Preorder: US, UK), with art from Marc Simonetti, will be published on July 31st and will be unveiled at San Diego Comic-Con.

Cyanide Discusses Game of Thrones RPG

Gamespy has a good interview with lead game designer Sylvain Sechi and project manager Thomas Veauclin regarind Cyanide’s forthcoming Game of Thrones roleplaying game (Pre-order: X-box, PS3). The game is due to hit shelves in North America on May 15, and should be in Europe around that time as well.

They go into some detail about how they developed the story for the game, and the degree to which George R.R. Martin has been involved. According to them, when they presented their plans with some trepidation, Martin looked it over and told them he had been planning even bigger events to take place in later novels, so their plans were just fine. They also discuss the difference in philosophy between sandbox games such as Skyrim and more narrative-driven games, such as those produced by BioWare.

Game of Thrones: Genesis is Steam’s Daily Deal

For those who decided to wait patiently for Cyanide’s Game of Thrones: Genesisstrategy game at a lower price point, the game’s become part of Steam’s Daily Deals, with prices reduced 75% ($9.99 in the US, 9.99€ in Europe). Currently the deal has about 19 hours to go before it’s back to its regular price point.

Feast, Calendar Get Covers

A lot of movement, a lot of upcoming things of interest to fans of ASoIaF, this year. Among them? The 2013 A Song of Ice and Fire Calendar with art by Marc Simonetti has been up for pre-order a bit… but now a cover has shown up over at (Amazon UK preorder), and it’s very nice indeed.

Also vaguely spoilerish, as it represents a scene from A Dance with Dragons, but without context it should be fine.. Great choice of scene, though, and we’re eager to see what else Simonetti has in store!


Clash of Kings Limited Edition Artist Announced

Back in March of last year, it was announced that Subterranean Press was going to normalize its limited edition of the A Song of Ice and Fire series by going back to the first two novels and publishing them; they had previously skipped those two, having taken over the license from the defunct Meisha Merlin. A few months later, we learned that Ted Nasmith would illustrate the first novel, A Game of Thrones.

And now GRRM has announced the artist for A Clash of Kings: Richard Hescox, a past winner of the Chesley Award, among other honors. It’ll be awhile before we see his work, but in related news, George noted that Marc Fishman had turned in all of his art for the limited edition of A Dance with Dragons... and you can see most of it, or perhaps even all of it, at his Facebook gallery (naturally, spoilers galore!)

RPG Trailer: Riverspring

A new month, and now a new teaser from Atlus for XBox 360, PS3; PC forthcoming). This one features one of the new locations created for the game, Riverspring, the seat of House Sarwyck. One of the two playable characters from the game, the red priest Alester, hails from there.

The teaser certainly seems to be suggesting that political intrigues and currents are going to be an important part of the game’s narrative. More information about the RPG can be found at the official site, and in our earlier report.

Kotaku Discusses Game of Thrones Board Game

Kotaku, the gaming-focused site that’s part of the Gawker Media empire, has an excellent write-up for A Game of Thrones: The Board Game (Amazon: US, UK) from Fantasy Flight Games.

As the review indicates, it really is a fantastic game—runs a bit long and works best with a full complement of players, and the rules take some learning, but once you have it down, it’s extremely good. So good, that it’s just shy of the top 100 at BoardGameGeek, which ranks something like 5,000 board games. The new 2nd edition is said to be particularly good, bringing in rules from past expansions and marrying them to beautiful art and graphic design. If you’re a fan of deep, strategic board games, the Game of Thrones board game is a terrific choice.

Preorder the Beyond the Wall Survival Kit

Valyrian Steel has announced that pre-ordering of the Night’s Watch Dragonglass Dagger Set—also known as the “Beyond the Wall Survival Kit”—will begin from this Saturday.

This is one of the coolest things they’ve done in their line of officially-licensed “A Song of Ice and Fire” replicas—including Longclaw, Needle, and Ice, as well as the forthcoming King Robert’s Hammer (also available for pre-order)—and features a real obsidian blade crafted by hand (no two weapons will be exactly alike!), a belt pouch, five obsidian arrowheads, a sheath, and a collectible wooden storage box.

Bear in mind that there may be some restrictions depending on where you live, so read the details carefully at their site.

Green Ronin Has Big Plans for Ice and Fire RPG

In their round-up of their plans for 2012, roleplaying game publisher Green Ronin spend a good deal of time discussing their Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying game. The huge boom in interest in all things Ice and Fire thanks to HBO’s Game of Thrones has seriously depleted their stock of the Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying rule book. Instead of reprinting it, they’re announcing a brand new edition, called the A Game of Thrones edition, which will include the entirety of the Peril of King’s Landing adventure that was separately released.

Besides being full color, the RPG will feature a brand new cover from the amazing Michael Komarck, whose provided some of the finest artwork for “A Song of Ice and Fire” to date. Green Ronin’s plans extend past that May release of the AGoT edition, however.

Ice Melts Away

Valyrian Steel, makers of officially licensed replica weapons based on “A Song of Ice and Fire”, have noted via their Facebook page that their stock of Ice—the Stark heirloom sword—has just dipped under 50% of the limited run of about 2,000 weapons.

They have also just noted that a low-numbered case of Arya’s Stark sword Needle turned up, and the next five orders will get numbers 49, 51, 52, 53, or 54. Here’s Maisie Williams (Arya Stark) with an example of Needle that George sent to her as a gift last year.

Official Cookbook Appears on Amazon

Last night, we spotted the fact that A Feast of Ice and Fire: The Official Cookbook Companion to A Game of Thrones was now available to pre-order, with a June 26th publication date.

New RPG Screenshots

Thanks to Focus Home Interactive, the European publisher, we have a few new screenshots from the officially licensed Game of Thrones roleplaying game, created by Cyanide. We’ve had a lot of new information of late, so check that out if you want to know a bit more about the game.

These screen shots provide a little additional mystery to the storyline, hinting at curious turns of the plot, some mysterious new figures, a bit of new heraldry, and a glimpse at what combat will look like in terms of information on display as you fight. Also, a couple of shots of Dog—ugly as sin, but he’s surprisingly cute; I think it’s because I expected some sort of direwolf-sized mastiff, and instead he’s… well, not anything that big (very pointy teeth, though).

Deep Discount on Game of Thrones: Genesis is offering quite a few deals on downloadable games, and this one caught our eye: A Game of Thrones: Genesis from Cyanide Studio for just $10, a 75% saving!

For those who don’t mind paying more and prefer Steam, the game is also available there at a more modest 50% off as part of the Steam daily holiday sales. The Steam sale price ends tomorrow, but we’re not sure how long the sale lasts.

BioWare Considered Game of Thrones MMO

We’ve already posted extensively about the single-player Game of Thrones: The Roleplaying Game, and we’ve also reported on the development of a licensed MMO and Facebook social game.

However, for various reasons, some fans have been disappointed, having really hoped a really large, well-known studio tackled the license. But not necessarily for lack of interest. EA and Bethesda have considered it at some point… and now we learn that BioWare did as well.

New Game of Thrones RPG Trailer

Like clockwork, yesterday’s post with detailed information regarding the officially licensed Game of Thrones: The Roleplaying Game has been followed up with the serendipitous arrival of a two minute long trailer, which you can see embedded below courtesy of German gaming site GameStar:

And that’s not all, folks, because it turns out that French site was also present at the presentation in Paris… and got to record it! See below for those videos, which show off some of the gameplay and cutscenes and locations, and a synopsis of additional details from them. Note that the video presentation is all in French.