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"When I was young, I read all sorts of stuff. One week it would be Lovecraft, the next Vance. It was all imaginative literature, or as my dad called it 'Weird Stuff.' It was all 'Weird Stuff.'"

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Brotherhood without Banners

Cagematch Final Tomorrow’s Cage Match 2010—reported on in the New York Times, among other places—enters the final round when voting opens tomorrow to determine who’s the most dangerous of them all. Jaime Lannister, surging with the help of his supporters, has prevailed to face Rand al’Thor… but at the advice of Tyrion, he issued a challenge. Rand’s response? A confident refusal to take advantage of the offer of having six companions join him.

But perhaps it was too confiden. He allowed Jaime his six, and Tyrion is liking the odds. We’ll soon see what George thinks will happen, some time after voting opens tomorrow.

One Day Left to Save Jaime

Suvudu’s Cagematch 2010 is in its penultimate round and Ser Jaime Lannister needs your help! Though Suvudu’s editors have rated him the underdog three times in a row, he’s managed to defeat Hermione Granger, Cthulhu, and the dragon Temeraire. But now it’s his toughest match yet: Kvothe, Patrick Rothfuss’s creation in The Name of the Wind. This time, Suvudu’s editors placed Jaime as the victor… but that seems to have jinxed him, because Jaime’s trailing by the narrowest of margins.

Who’ll Jaime face if he manages to pull off the win? Looks like Rand al’Thor, the Dragon Reborn. Who can resist seeing two such titans clash? Besides Kvothe’s fans, that is. ;)

If you want to tip the scale in the Kingslayer’s favor, there’s just one day left: voting ends on Friday at Noon, Eastern Time.

Go to and vote now!

Cagematch 2010: Jaime in Round 4’s Cagematch 2010, pitting fictional characters in battles to the death, has now reachd the penultimate round before the final. And still standing strong? Jaime Lannister, against Patrick Rothfuss’s Kvothe, the protagonist of the much-lauded The Name of the Wind. It’s Kingslayer versus Kingkiller, and it’s up to you to see who’ll win. The winner—and, being partisan, we hope it’s Jaime—will then face Rand al’Thor or Drizzt do’Urden in the final match to decide who’ll be the last man standing.

Go here to vote now!

Jaime vs. the Dragon

Round 3 of Suvudu’s Cagematch 2010 has started, and Jaime Lannister—after surprise defeats of Hermione Granger and Cthulhu—is now facing ... well, a rather polite and charming dragon. Naomi Novik’s creation, Temeraire, is a fine, personable young dragon in an alternate 19th century England, but the story she’s written to explain why she thinks Temeraire will win draws in quite a bit of pop, 21st-century culture (two words: reality television).

Go there and vote now! A final thought: dragons were bred for battle in the Seven Kingdoms, and in battle they died. Time for the Kingslayer to become the Dragonslayer.

Round 2 for the Kingslayer

It’s now Round Two for Jaime Lannister in Suvudu’s Cagematch 2010. After vanquishing Hermione Granger with ease, he’s facing one of the tougher contenders in the competition: the Great Old One, Cthulhu. Even GRRM thinks that he’d have to bet on Cthulhu taking the prize, but who knows: Casterly Rock’s favored son may pull this out of the fire.

Support the Kingslayer!, a publisher SF/F website, is hosting a fun little Cage Match tournament as an alternative to March Madness. Pitting fictional genre characters against one another, voting has been swift and furious in support of the various candidates aiming to be champion of them all. As they say: there can be only one!

Among the characters? The infamous Ser Jaime Lannister, the Kingslayer! Go here to see his first match up, George R.R. Martin‘s commentary on how the fight would go as he sees it (with a cameo by Tyrion, and see if that convinces you to vote for the golden son of Casterly Rock.

Ice and Fire: Manga-style Fan Art

Over at the A Song of Ice and Fire forum, a member by the name of Lady Nymeria points out an amazing series of character illustrations by a fan of the series in Japan. Drawn in various styles traditional to Japanese manga, there’s some gorgeous pieces. Here’s a few of our favorites: the Lannister siblings, the Lannister twins, and Melisandre of Asshai.

Lady Nymeria runs through yet more A Song of Ice and Fire art scattered elsewhere on the artist’s blog, at this thread, where she offers to help identify characters whose names are only given in Japanese and who aren’t obvious.

Westeros Top 100 Books

A member of the A Song of Ice and Fire forum at, Wastrel, put into motion a plan to collate favorite genre book lists from members of the forum. What has resulted is a list of 100 books that members of the forum who participated in the voting esteemed most, plus some additional titles for honorable mentions and a list specific to 21st century novels.

It was quite the task to take on, and Wastrel explains his methodology very thoroughly. It’s fascinating to see Gabriel Garcia Marquez rubbing shoulders with Thomas Mallory,  Douglas Adams, and Alan Moore, to name a few on the list.

Ice and Fire on the Internet

It’s been around for awhile, but we just had to share these hilarious webpage mockups for various houses, organizations, and individuals in the A Song of Ice and Fire series:

Thanks to Daena the Defiant at the forum for pointing out guad’s clever, amusing creations.

BwB T-Shirts

The Brotherhood without Banners, an unofficial (or maybe semi-official) fan club for George R.R. Martin, is running a survey regarding a t-shirt they’re proposing to produce to raise funds for the BwB’s general fund. The survey detailing the shirt idea can be found

at the A Song of Ice and Fire forum. Registration is required to post.

2010 Ice and Fire Fan Calendar

While digging around the amazing DeviantArt site, we stumbled across the fact that a group of fan artists decided to create a 2010 A Song of Ice and Fire calendar, to share with fans of George R.R. Martin’s bestselling fantasy series, and with GRRM himself. After sending a copy of the calendar to GRRM, they’ve provided a glimpse at all the art for fans to take a look at.

You can find the original news post at DA from last month, with links to the included images and the artists who created them, here (particularly useful for seeing Mathia Arkoniel’s full images used in her compilation for August).  A gallery with the full calendar design incorporated can be found here at guad’s gallery. A lot of love and talent poured into this, and it reminds us of just how much amazing fan art the series has and continues to generate.

Belfast Signing

George R.R. Martin will be signing books at the Eason’s booksotre at 20 Donegall Place in Belfast. The signing starts at 1 PM on November 3rd. More information about the event, including a post-signing meetup, can be found at the A Song of Ice and Fire forum. The meetup will include GRRM and his partner Parris, and possibly some members of the cast and crew of HBO’s Game of Thrones production.

One additional detail is that there will be a book raffle at the post-signing moot, in support of the Children’s Literacy Charity Teachers & Writers Collaborative. Prizes are listed at the link above, and it’s probable more prizes will be added by the day of the event.

Rest in Peace, EHK

Tom C. Wilcox, better known to many by his Internet handle of EnlightenmentHK (and variations of same—Enlightenment HK, EHK, EHK for Darwin), passed away unexpectedly on the morning of July 4th. A long-time member of the A Song of Ice and Fire fan community, Tom was well-regarded for his fierce intelligence and the fiery rants that amused, infuriated, and (of course) enlightened. He was a man of strong opinions who lived life to the fullest, stinting nothing in his pursuit of new sights and new experiences. Many of his fellow Ice and Fire fans had the pleasure of meeting him in Glasgow for the 2005 Worldcon, where he entertained all and sundry with stories about the horrors of RyanAir and the pleasures of pub crawling in diverse places. He will be sorely missed by his friends and his family.

An obituary with more information can be found here. A fundraiser to raise funds for a flower arrangement for his wake and to keep the guest book associated with his obituary permanently on the internet is being organized. More information can be found here.

BWB Newsletter

The Brotherhood Without Banners fan group is starting a newsletter to keep fans and friends of George R.R. Martin of upcoming gatherings and other news of interest. For those who’d like to sign up for the BWB newsletter, see this post for instructions.

The Guardian Blogs Ice and Fire

Thanks to a board member, we’ve been pointed to this blog post by Damien G. Walter of the Guardian recommending various works of fantasy (and a bit of science fiction sneaking in) to read over the summer. A Song of Ice and Fire gets a paragraph to itself, in the course of which is linked.