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"When I was young, I read all sorts of stuff. One week it would be Lovecraft, the next Vance. It was all imaginative literature, or as my dad called it 'Weird Stuff.' It was all 'Weird Stuff.'"

George R.R. Martin

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August 2016
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Official Site Update

GRRM’s official site has been updated with some new "Musings" (his guest of honor speech at Ambercon is particularly worthwhile for fans of "A Song of Ice and Fire") and links to few new foreign fan sites.

A Storm of Swords Board Game

Greg of Fantasy Flight Games reported on the 25th that the A Storm of Swords expansion for the A Game of Thrones board game is moving along briskly and should be done and off to the printers by early February.

Official Site Update

GRRM’s official site has been updated with a signficant new update in the "Update" section, bringing us up to speed on where exactly he is in his work and where he hopes to get. For those who don’t want any spoilers regarding who our POV characters are, it may be best to avoid it as George discusses POV characters and other information of the kind.

Official Site Update

GRRM’s official site has been updated with a new image in the "Cover Art" gallery, a new essay in "Musings" and a new, post-Canadian tour blog entry.

Official Site Update

GRRM’s official site has received its first post-Canadian signing tour update, with a new entry in the "From My Fans" sections, as well as the addition of a memorial essay for the late Roger Zelazny in the "Musings" section.

Toronto Metro Article

There’s a brief profile of George R. R. Martin in the Toronto Metro. Nothing really new, beyond a brief quote regarding how George comes up with names for characters.

The Star Profile

Canada’s The Star has published a profile of George R. R. Martin on this page. There’s an interesting comparison made between football and his writing, and some other tidbits.

Radio Appearance Update

For those hoping to be in the audience for CBC Radio’s North by Northwest program, they have published some more information regarding it here. It’s first-come, first-served, with only 140 spots. Doors open at 4. Given that GRRM drew more than 500 people at the Toronto signing, it’s probably wisest to camp out an hour or three early to secure a place.

Art and Art and Art

There’s be a terrific surge in the possibilties for those interested in seeing more “A Song of Ice and Fire” art, thanks to Mike S. Miller sharing his designs for the Testors miniature wargame line at Firebrand Fantasy Art. On top of that, Mike is open to taking commissions, and has already done two pieces which can be seen in his commissions gallery (where more information about commissioning him can be found).

Globe and Mail Profile

Canada’s Globe and Mail has published a good profile of George R. R. Martin. The article is no doubt prompted by the fact that GRRM is touring Canada right now.

Official Site Update

GRRM’s official site has been updated with a new inclusion in the "Apperances" section, indicating that George will be appearing at Semana Negra—an annual literary festival held in Gijón, Spain—in 2008. A long way off, but that gives plenty of time to start planning the trip.

Radio Appearance in Canada

It’s come to our attention that GRRM will be appearing on CBC Radio’s North by Northwest program. It will be recorded in Vancouver at 16.00 on January 13th, prior to his signing at Chapters at 19.00. Apparently, the program will be before a live audience, so if you’re planning to be in Vancouver that day, you should contact the CBC and try and learn more regarding how to gain admittance.

Official Site Update

GRRM’s official site has been updated with new material in "From My Readers", and George’s LiveJournal has been updated with a post-New Year’s entry. A notable remark in the latter is that the third Dunk & Egg story needs “a solid week of work” to be completed.

Mike Miller’s Art

As previously mentioned here, Mike S. Miller has begun work for Testors, creating designs that will be used in the miniature war game and possibly other products.

More Presents from Amok

Amok continues his terrific depiction of the Targaryens, giving us all three new portraits. This time, it’s Aegon IV the Unworthy’s Great Bastards on display: Daemon Blackfyre, Brynden Rivers (Bloodraven), and Aegor Rivers (Bittersteel). There’s also some fascinating details about the three Great Bastards (and mention of a fourth, who we’ve heard of before without realizing their status) here.