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George R.R. Martin

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February 2015
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Art Book Limited Edition

Fantasy Flight Games has now made the limited edition of the Art of George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire art book available on its website. Only 230 copies are available out of the initial 250 at this time; supplies seem to be dwindling fast. The book can be purchased via their online store.

In related news, the regular edition of the art book has now begun to ship from and other U.S.-based booksellers.

AFfC A BookSense Bestsller

For the week ending November 15th, A Feast for Crows hit the number two spot on the BookSense Bestseller List . Booksense is a website for a coalition of independent booksellers throughout the 50 states, and appears to compile its list from sales from participating stores.

BwB Charity Drive

The Brotherhood without Banners is organizing a charity drive this holiday season to raise money for two charities chosen by GRRM and Parris, the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary and Child’s Play. Please support this worthy cause. To learn about it, go here.

A Song For Lya

George’s classic short story of doomed romance, “A Song for Lya”, is now available for download at Fictionwise.

Lev Grossman on GRRM

Lev Grossman of Times Magazine, who has been cited before for his positive remarks concerning GRRM and A Feast for Crows, has now written a write up boldly titled, "The American Tolkien".

GRRM at GenCon SoCal

Guardians of Order are pleased to announce that GRRM’s special appearance at GenCon Socal on the 19th will include a period in the Orange County Ballroom, Salon 1, between 8 and 10 PM where he’ll be available to sign books.

Chinese Interior Illustrations

A member of the new board pointed out that illustrations from the Chinese edition of A Feast for Crows have been put up at a Chinese-language website (possibly that of the publisher). It’s not clear whether these are illustrations or cover illustrations, as the Taiwanese edition of the novel was split into three volumes.

Last Targaryen Portraits

Wrapping up Amok’s series of Targaryen rulers portraits for the Art of Ice and Fire art book are three final images.

He has also posted GRRM’s descriptions for these three rulers, the Mad King Aerys II, Viserys the Beggar King, and Daenerys Stormborn with her dragons.

Aegon V and Jaehaerys II

Amok has updated his website with three more of the images of the Targaryen kings that he painted for the Art of Ice and Fire art book.

He has also posted GRRM’s descriptions for these two kings, Aegon V the Unlikely and Jaehaerys II.

54mm Diorama Hints

Tom Meier of Thunderbolt Mountain has revealed details of the first three 54mm dioramas he’s creating for Testors, as GRRM paid a visit to his workshop to personally inspect and approve the figures.

GRRM Interview

Roz Kaveney has posted her interview of GRRM that she has written for Time Out. Misspelling Cersei’s name aside, it’s quite an interesting interview, although somewhat spoilerish. In particular,  it contains a fascinating quote from GRRM when comparing Daenerys’s travails in A Dance with Dragons with those of another POV character in A Feast for Crows.

Another Pair

Amok has updated his website with three more of the images of the Targaryen kings that he painted for the Art of Ice and Fire art book.

He has also posted GRRM’s descriptions for these two kings, Aerys I and his brother Maekar I.

Limited Edition A Feast For Crows

Voyager UK, in partnership with, is selling a limited edition of A Feast for Crows. Only 1,000 of these slip-cased, signed books will be made available. At the moment is not yet taking pre-orders, but we will post again as soon as we learn that they are.

Game of Thrones RPG Preview

Guardians of Order has released a massive 64 page preview (zip file containing a pdf) of the A Game of Thrones RPG. The preview gives a sampling from a number of sections of the book, as well as some of the gorgeous original art that it contains.

A Feast For Crows At Amazon

A Feast for Crows is doing very well at, reaching #2 on their bestseller list (behind an Oprah Book Club selection), and has now been selected as one of the Top 10 SF/F Editor’s Choices!