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George R.R. Martin

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May 2015
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More Targaryen Kings

Amok has updated his website with three more of the images of the Targaryen kings that he painted for the Art of Ice and Fire art book.

He has also posted GRRM’s descriptions for these three kings, Aegon II, Aegon III and Daeron I, to his forum.

Detroit Free Press on ASoIaF

Marta Salja, books writer for the Detroit Free Press, has done an excellent job of both reviewing A Feast for Crows and profiling GRRM and the “A Song of Ice and Fire” fan community. If you’re part of the Brotherhood without Banners, you may even notice some familiar names…

US AFfC Shipping?

Judging by our associates account, Amazon has started shipping out copies of the US edition of A Feast for Crows. So far only in small quantities, but if you haven’t ordered yet is definitely time to do so.

Guardians of Order’s Map

Guardians of Order has noted that they have copies of the beautiful poster map of Westeros included in the RPG for sale. The supply is limited, however, so act quickly. We were sent an image of the map a long time ago, and it really is the best map for the series that has been made to date, being full color and including pretty much everything that could be included at the time of publication.

Official Site Update

GRRM’s official site has been updated with a link to a new interview, an update to what George has been watching of late (HBO’s Rome gets high marks), and some new images from his readers.

Testors Wants You

Mike Butterworth has put out the word that Testors is looking for volunteers to help demonstrate and promote the Westeros wargame. If you’re interested, contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) today!

Updated: Let me stress that if you want to volunteer, you need to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) at Testors. We are not involved in this process, we’re only spreading the word.

Sci-Fi Weekly Interviews GRRM

There’s an interesting interview, conducted by Tasha Robinson, concerning the A Song of Ice and Fire series and how George writes. Note that it does contain some spoilerish material, however.

Guardians of Order’s Future Plans

Guardians of Order have update their calendar with a prognosis into the middle of next year, and some very interesting material crops up. Note that these are tentative dates:

More Ruby Ford Information

Following our previous reports, Testors has provided us more information about the Ruby Ford set, which we quote after the fold:

RPG Shipping Update

From Guardians of Order’s frontpage, we learn that some delays have been introduced in the shipping of the DLE due to the printer mixing up which books were in which boxes. This has taken time to sort out, so books have been mailed in batches rather than continuously. However, GoO states that all orders will be shipped by the end of the week.

Quest Of Thrones Winners Announced

The Quest of Thrones, Bantam Spectra’s internet scavenger hunt to promote A Feast for Crows, has now finished. The winners of the first and second place prizes have been announced.

AFfC eBook Available Now

A Feast for Crows is now available from for immediate dowbload. Choose between the Microsoft Reader eBook format and the Adobe Reader eBook format.

More From The Ruby Ford

Tom Meier has very kindly shared with us six more pictures of Rhaegar and Robert battling at the Ruby Ford, with a number of close-in shots so that details may be seen more clearly. They’re truly works of art.

Dragon Page Talks to GRRM

The Dragon Page talk show has recently done an interview withGRRM for one of their shows. It can be listened to via their website, and among the topics discussed were the reasons for the delay of A Feast for Crows, thereissuing of some of GRRM’s earlier novels and the upcoming comic book adaption of "The Sworn Sword".

Testors Presents The Ruby Ford

Thanks to Testors and Tom Meier, we now have three images of the 54mm greens from the fateful ruby ford. We’ve posted a picture of Rhaegar previously. While no retail price has yet been determined, this set may be released as early as December. Current plans are for only 750 to be produced.