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George R.R. Martin

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July 2014
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Death Draws Five Cover

John J. Miller has shared with us the cover to the upcoming Wild Cards: Death Draws Five, a book we’ve previously reported about. The cover depicts the Midnight Angel, as illustrated by Mike S. Miller and Etienne St-Laurent.

Sworn Sword Cover

We’ve received a sneak peek at "The Hedge Knight II: The Sworn Sword" from Dabel Brothers Productions, in the form of the cover for the first issue, illustrated by Renato Arlem.

In related news, word from Mike S. Miller (found here at Newsarama) is that he will be illustrating the series. This is great news for fans of his work on "The Hedge Knight").

A Feast for Crows 3rd Printing

Parris has just reported that A Feast for Crows has been a raging success, as evidenced by its having already entered its third printing just three days after publication. Congratulations, George!

The Sworn Sword Confirmed

Yesterday’s news item on "The Sworn Sword" being adapted by Dabel Brothers Productions (who so successfully adapted "The Hedge Knight") is now confirmed. The adaption is tenatively scheduled to begin release in early 2006. No word yet as to the creative lineup.

Brief review of A Feast for Crows

This is a very brief review of A Feast for Crows (UK edition now available, US edition forthcoming), and will be followed up by a more thorough review in the days to come.

Art of Ice and Fire

Fantasy Flight Games’  Art of Ice and Fire will be available for direct order directly from FFG in about a week.

The Sworn Sword Adapted

Word is that Dabel Brothers Productions, who have recently launched their newly re-designed site and forums, are set to announce details regarding a comic book adaption of "The Sworn Sword" the second Dunk & Egg novella published in Legends 2. More news to follow shortly, and perhaps a first look at what’s coming.

AGoT RPG Shipping Update

Mark McKinnon, president of Guardians of Order, has posted an update regarding the shipping status of the RPG. For those who just can’t wait, the OGL d20 PDF is still on-sale at half the price of the hardcover edition and is available for immediate download.

AFfC Official UK Release

Today is, of course, the official release date for the UK edition of a A Feast for Crows. If you haven’t already gotten the book (it has, after all, been out early from as well as several British bookstores), its definiely time to order now.

Board Game FAQ Revised

Fantasy Flight Games has announced that the latest version of the FAQ for A Game of Thrones: The Board Game has been put online on the official game website.

First Look at Rhaegar

Tom Meier of Thunderbolt Mountain has posted another early preview image of the work he’s doing for Testors. It’s for the 54mm line of figures, and depicts Rhaegar fighting at the ruby ford.

Signing Information from GRRM

George has mailed out some information regarding his forthcoming signings, including the addition of new dates. The information can be read here.

Official Site Update

GRRMs official site has been updated with a new post to his weblog, Not a Blog. He discusses his travels over the last months and his gruelling schedule of forthcoming signing tours and apperances. He also discusses his one signing policy, which is that he’ll only sign three items at a time, but individuals are welcome to return to the end of the line to get three more items signed.

Two More from Testors

Jaime Sims has sent along two more drawings of Illyrio from his work for Testors. They can be found in the Gallery.

A Feast for Crows Dispatching?

Word is flying that has begun to ship copies of A Feast for Crows to customers who have pre-ordered it. Currently, the listing at seems to confirm this, as it now indicates that the novel is now "usually dispatched within 24 hours". If you’ve been holding off on ordering, this may well be the time to do it if really is delivering the book prior to the official release on the 17th.