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January 2015
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USA Today Names GRRM Author of the Year

Selected for the TIME 100, named one of EW’s entertainers of the year, and so on and so forth—it’s been a banner year for George R.R. Martin and his “A Song of Ice and Fire” series. And as we come to the close of 2011, another plaudit: USA Today has named Martin their Author of the Year, citing the booming popularity of the novels and the success of HBO’s adaptation. Congratulations to GRRM!

USA Today has been quite interested in the series, having published a cover feature back in July just before A Dance with Dragons hit the shelves.

Deep Discount on Game of Thrones: Genesis is offering quite a few deals on downloadable games, and this one caught our eye: A Game of Thrones: Genesis from Cyanide Studio for just $10, a 75% saving!

For those who don’t mind paying more and prefer Steam, the game is also available there at a more modest 50% off as part of the Steam daily holiday sales. The Steam sale price ends tomorrow, but we’re not sure how long the sale lasts.

BioWare Considered Game of Thrones MMO

We’ve already posted extensively about the single-player Game of Thrones: The Roleplaying Game, and we’ve also reported on the development of a licensed MMO and Facebook social game.

However, for various reasons, some fans have been disappointed, having really hoped a really large, well-known studio tackled the license. But not necessarily for lack of interest. EA and Bethesda have considered it at some point… and now we learn that BioWare did as well.

New Game of Thrones RPG Trailer

Like clockwork, yesterday’s post with detailed information regarding the officially licensed Game of Thrones: The Roleplaying Game has been followed up with the serendipitous arrival of a two minute long trailer, which you can see embedded below courtesy of German gaming site GameStar:

And that’s not all, folks, because it turns out that French site was also present at the presentation in Paris… and got to record it! See below for those videos, which show off some of the gameplay and cutscenes and locations, and a synopsis of additional details from them. Note that the video presentation is all in French.

ASoIaF Holds Top 6 Sales Spots for Random House

This is nifty. With the end of the year on us, Random House—the largest publisher in the world, of whom Bantam is a subsidiary—posted its list of best-selling ebooks in various categories. And if you scroll down to the top-selling science fiction and fantasy titles…

Well, it starts to feel a bit deja vu-like, because the first six entries are all A Song of Ice and Fire novels by George R.R. Martin—A Game of Thrones followed by A Dance with Dragons, then A Clash of Kings, A Storm of Swords, and A Feast for Crows rounding out the top 5… and the four-volume e-book set holding the #6 spot. Rather dominating, to say the least!

New Details on Atlus USA’s Game of Thrones RPG

This past Thursday, the French media received the first official presentation of Cyanide Studio‘s Game Of Thrones: The Role-Playing Game (published by Atlus in the US and by Focus Home Interactive in Europe).

Some members from the French George R.R. Martin fan site called La Garde de Nuit were invited to attend, and have prepared the following report, which LGdN’s Evrach sent to us in translated form with permission to repost (many thanks to him, and LGdN!):

Abraham Presentation on Adapting A Game of Thrones

Over at his website, author Daniel Abraham shares a his 5 minute presentation from a recent Ignite New Mexico event. There, he provides a useful insight into the basics of his adaptation of George R.R. Martin’s A Game of Thrones into comic book form for Dynamite and Bantam, in their George R.R. Martin’s A Game of Thrones comic series. As noted, the plan is to adapt the first novel over the course of two years and twenty-four issues, a page count that’s actually slightly longer than that of the first novel, but (as Abraham explains) there’s a lot of places where the shift from a written to a heavily visual medium (like comics) means a great deal of changes.

Quite interesting, and as we said, it’s brief at just 5 minutes. Issue 3 of Dynamite’s series has just hit shelves. The first six issues will be collected and published by Bantam, and will feature a striking cover. Q&A with George R.R. Martin

About a week and a half ago, we saw a tweet from someone who worked at the same building in which is housed who noted that they had gone downstairs to the cafeteria and found George R.R. Martin holding forth. We had figured it was something to do with the A Feast for Crows audio book being re-released with Roy Dotrice reading it, but had assumed it’d be something included in that.

In fact, Audible’s released it straight to Youtube, and we’ve embedded it below. As well, we’ve linked it over at the So Spake Martin section of the Citadel, which collects interviews, correspondence, and more from GRRM.

Roy Dotrice Feast for Crows Now Available

Although the CDs won’t be out until next year, you can already download the newly re-recorded, fully unabridged A Feast for Crows, read by actor Roy Dotrice who has previously recorded all the other books in the series. And all this, thanks to popular demand by fans, who repeatedly ask the publishers both in the U.K. and U.S. to get Dotrice—who missed recording the book the first time around because of a tight deadline and an on-going theatre committment—to read it.

The book can be found at, and is listing the book as well, and offering it for free for a 30-day trial membership.
For those in the UK, we expect will soon list it.

Brief Interview with GRRM

Came across this new interview with George R.R. Martin at Scotcampus, which we’ve added to our collection of correspondence, interviews, and signing reports. There’s some good remarks on episode 9 of this new season of HBO’s Game of Thrones, and a bit of speculative fodder for fans of certain elements of the A Song of Ice and Fire series.

GRRM Interview for NY Jets

This interview is rather neat. George has been in New York City since the start of December, doing all sorts of things (including signing books at the HBO Store and a B&N, and recording some sort of Q&A for, which we suspect ties into this news)... but he has to kick back and relax at times, right? And in this case, this life-long fan of the New York Jets and New York Giants took the opportunity to watch a home game of one of his two favorite teams (and had the pleasure of seeing the Jets trounce the Chiefs, by the way—alas, that I can’t say the same for the Dolphins…)

While he was there, the official NY Jets site took the opportunity to conduct a celebrity interview. It must have been a chilly day, looking at that fur cap on George’s head. Naturally, he finished it off with a rally cry: “J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets!”, but in between he answers a couple of questions about the inspiration for the series and what fans can expect for the second season. Nothing we haven’t heard before, but it’s nice to see George getting a chance to be in the stands for a game.

Roy Dotrice to Record A Feast for Crows Audio

Wow! Fans have been asking for years for the publishers to consider re-recording A Feast for Crows, the fourth novel of the A Song of Ice and Fire series…. and Random House and HarperCollins Voyager has listened! Roy Dotrice has already recorded the book (sneaky, sneaky!) and it will be available as a digital download via and on December 15th, with a CD set due March 2012.

Roy Dotrice,  but the fans have been wanting to hear him on it enough that they’ve decided to go ahead and re-record. Fantastic news, suffice it to say! A veteran, award-winning actor, Dotrice became acquainted with GRRM from playing the role of Father in Beauty and the Beast, and the two have been friends ever since. Dotrice was initially cast in the role of Grand Maester Pycelle in HBO’s Game of Thrones, but health issues forced him to withdraw; he was cast as Hallyne, a wisdom of the Guild of Alchemists, for season 2.

Here’s an excerpt:

Download MP3

GRRM Among EWs Entertainers of the Year

EW’s latest issue has hit shelves, with its main feature being their listing of their Entertainers of the Year. We had an inkling of the fact that EW considered George R.R. Martin among that number… and this confirms it, as popular comedic actress Amy Poehler of Parks and Recreation writes about GRRM and the novels, which she’s halfway through at present.

Auction Update: Original AFfC Art and More

We’ve previously reported on the benefit auction for writer Terri Windling, with contributions of rare and signed items from various authors, artists, and more, including George R.R. Martin. Some more GRRM-related material has come in—including an original piece of art from the Subterranean Press limited edition of A Feast for Crows, drawn and donated by artist Thomas Canty (one of our very favorite artists, BTW!) so we’d thought we’d provide links to all the relevant items to make it easy to find:

There are many, many other things in there, from prints from Alan Lee to signed books by Neil Gaiman, and much more. All for a good cause!

GRRM Conquers TIME

No, he’s not become an Elder God, passing through strange aeons. But the conquests continue, nevertheless, and this time it’s TIME’s “Top 10 of Everything 2011” list where he reaches the summits.

A Song of Ice and Fire has taken New York City by storm, A Dance with Dragons has pummeled its way to the top of the Goodreads Choice Awards... and now it’s TIME magazine critic Lev Grossman has named ADwD his top fiction novel of the year.

His colleague James Poneiwozik tries his hand at list-making as well, and has put forward his view of the year’s best television and episodes, and Game of Thrones ranks #5 in his top 10 television programs, with episode 9, “Baelor” taking the #10 spot in Best TV Episodes of the last year. Well-deserved… and I really need to get around to watching Breaking Bad and Justified, it seems.