Blood of Dragons

The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' MUSH



Defects Added

We’ve made a few additions to the list of descriptors for the Flaw Defects: Anxious, Cruel, Fanatical, Insecure, Jealous, Miserly, Pacifistic and Paranoid. We’ve also changed Liar to Dishonest.

New Logs Added

Ten new logs have been added to the site. All of these logs are from roleplay related to King Daeron’s current campaign in Dorne, so anyone who is curious about what is going on can check these out.

Forum Update

The Westeros forums have recently been upgraded to a new version of the forum software, and as part of the upgrade & skin changes we have added a “Blood of Dragons” field to the forum’s member profile. This is for listing your character(s) on Blood of Dragons, and it would be great if as many players as possible do this to further raise awarness of the game on the forums.

We encourage all players to become members of the forum and to take part in the discussions in the Blood of Dragons subforum.

SP and XP Awards

Based on the nominations for November, no Story Points were awarded this month. Experience Points (XP) were awarded to Andry, Burton, Dagur, Obany, and Rosalind for their contributions to the game over the last month.

For more information concerning the Advancement system (how to use SP and XP, how to nominate, etc), see +HELP ADVANCEMENT and SYSTEM ADVANCEMENT.


A new command, +events, has been added. The helpfile can be accessed with +HELP +EVENTS. This command will allow the Admin as well as all players to create events that other players can sign up for. This command will take the place of the Events board, though we may look at having the command post to the Events board when an event is added, edited or deleted.

SP and XP Awards

Based on the nominations for October, a Story Point (SP) has been awarded to Joleta, and Experience Points (XP) were awarded to Anders, Andry, Dagur, Reyna, Aurana, and Tancred for their contributions to the game over the last month.

For more information concerning the Advancement system (how to use SP and XP, how to nominate, etc), see +HELP ADVANCEMENT and SYSTEM ADVANCEMENT.

+Help CDB Events

After a couple of days of knocking my head against a wall, we have managed to complete work on a new CDB features, Events. See +HELP CDB EVENTS for more information. This will allow players to add a short text describing something of note that happened to their character on the selected day. This note can be private or public. This should help players keep a track of RP events, and help future players of those characters get up to speed on things that have happened to their character.

The system is not really envisioned as an everyday sort of thing, and is primarily intended for use to record noteworthy events (for the character, not necessarily for the greater public) rather than to catalogue every single RP session that a player partakes in.

Custom CG Offer

Ever since the MUSH opened, we have found that a lot of prospective players struggle with or have no interest in going through the full CharGen process. Based on player feedback, we have continuously tried to improve the process as well as added alternative ways of getting started on the game. As things stand right now, a player is able to get started quite quickly by selecting a previously played character. But we still get a fair number of prospective players who don’t like the idea of taking up a character that someone else made and who also don’t want to go through the CharGen process. We are now going to experiment with a new approach to this problem.

If you would like to play in Sunspear, but you do not want to play a previously played character and you do not want to do the CharGen setup yourself, we can do the CharGen setup for you from a written concept that you send in. This offer applies both to current and prospective players, and the following limitations and caveats apply:

1) At this time the offer is only valid for characters based in Sunspear in Dorne. This means that it is preferred that you have read A Storm of Swords and maybe also A Feast for Crows. Exceptions can be made for experienced MUSHers. If this experiment turns out well, we may extend the offer to King’s Landing-based characters too.

2) We ask that anyone interested in this offer first take a look at the CharGen process, to decide whether or not they really want us to do it and to give them a sense of what to put into the concept writeup.

3) The concept does not have to be lengthy, but the less information that it provides, the less likely the character will be just what you were hoping for. It is definitely suggested that it includes anything you are totally against as part of your character.


Thanks to a suggestion from one of our players, we have introduced a new switch to the +CDB/VIEW command: /ALL. This will display all information concerning a character that you are authorized to see. It is a compliment to +cdb/rview’s /all switch, and combined should give a very good overview of any character on the game.

SP and XP Awards

Based on the nominations for September, a Story Point (SP) has been awarded to Andry, and Experience Points (XP) were awarded to Dagur, Desmona, Fiona, Janden, and Joleta for their contributions to the game over the last month.

For more information concerning the Advancement system (how to use SP and XP, how to nominate, etc), see +HELP ADVANCEMENT and SYSTEM ADVANCEMENT.

Theme Files

Balerion has been hard at work on filling out some of the articles in the Theme wiki. The articles on Geography and Organizations have now been completed, leaving only Lifestyle and Society. We’re not quite sure what to do with these yet, and would appreciate any suggestions for what people would like to see. The same goes for any suggestions for additional articles to add to the wiki. Keep in mind, however, that the Theme wiki is intended as an overview of key elements of the setting that can help those who are more or less unfamiliar with the books.

CharGen Streamlining

The CharGen process for previously CGed characters has been tweaked slightly to allow them to pass straight through the CharGen, just like Cameos. This means that once the initial Setup (the email & alt registration) has been completed, both Cameos and other CGed characters will enter CharGen, get moved automatically to the last room and there they can choose to exit and be automatically approved without setting anything extra.

If anyone has any other feedback on how to make the process of getting a character on the game quicker and easier, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ve been working continuously on streamlining this as much as possible, but sometimes our perspective is the wrong one for seeing that something doesn’t work or how to fix it.

SP and XP Awards

Based on the nominations for August, Experience Points (XP) were awarded to Humfrey, Janden, and Sarmion for their contributions over the previous month.

For more information concerning the Advancement system (how to use SP and XP, how to nominate, etc), see +HELP ADVANCEMENT and SYSTEM ADVANCEMENT.

Alt Policy

The alt policy has been modified to remove the requirement that a player’s first character has to be at least 1 month old before the player can acquire a second character. However, the first character does have to be approved before a second character can be requested. We are hoping this will encourage more players to try out a Dornish character now that the rebellion is about to begin.

The Dornish Rebellion

Almost three years have passed since King Daeron I, the Young Dragon, invaded and conquered Dorne, the last independent realm in Westeros. Within the next month, the fires of rebellion will sweep through Dorne, and in light of this we would love to see more PCs in Dorne, either Dornish natives or members of the Targaryen occupation forces. Considering that roleplay will likely be sporadic to start up, we encourage Dornish PCs primarily as alts for those who already have a PC in King’s Landing, but we will also advertise outside of the game and anyone who wishes to have just a Dornish PC is of course welcome.

While the broad outline of the events is already planned out, as we will be following what canon knowledge there is about these events, the fates of individual characters are very much up to their players. The option definitely exists to work with the Admin to tie new character concepts to current and forthcoming events.

We are hoping that as the rebellion progresses, some plot locations may be added to the grid on a temporary basis to allow for the playing out of battles and other important events that do not take place in either King’s Landing or Sunspear. Temp alts (in the form of puppets or player objects setup specifically for that purpose) will likely be made available to take part in such events, but there will also be room for actual PCs (not the least non-Dornish knights) to relocate to Dorne.

All questions and comments are, as usual, most welcome.