Blood of Dragons

The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' MUSH


CDB Code Completed

Since we’ve had a few people comment about the lack of updates, here’s some information on what we’re doing at the moment.

Basically, things are finally progressing at a good speed. The code for the character database is complete (although we have yet to work out the method for duplicating it in a mySQL database at the site, so for the time being it is only available from the MUSH) and almost all characters (1477 so far) have been entered into it. We expect to have the rest done within a few weeks.

King’s Landing and the Red Keep are more or less completed as well, although we still need to inspect all the rooms to make sure descs and weather code and lighting and all that is setup properly.

The project that is currently taking up most of our time is the CharGen, and we expect that this is the last big hurdle to clear before we announce a time for our beta-opening. After that, there’s some more code that needs to be done, and some more files that need to be written (NEWS is pretty much done save for the bits that can only be written once the CG is done), but not all of this will be needed before the beta-opening. THEME files, for example, do not need to be completed as we won’t take any players for beta who haven’t read the books.

So, overall it is looking very good.