Blood of Dragons

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Hostage Rules

Because there are occasional questions about what the Dornish hostages are currently allowed to do, and things such as their current housing and security arrangements, we’ve decided to compile the following article which will be updated as appropriate:

The servants at the Dornish Tower are by and large servants of the Red Keep. Those hostages with the wherewithal to afford to hire personal servants may have managed to do so from the population of King’s Landing, but for the most part the hostages will have to have contented themselves with dealing with Red Keep servants.

The hostages were allowed to bring some personal belongings, though in many cases those belongings are limited (namely in the case of knights and squires who were captured in battle and then sent on as hostages). Prince Viserys has been tasked with providing needfuls to the hostages as their host in the city, but luxuries are their own concern, and depends on what stipends their houses arrange to send them and/or what credit merchants are willing to extend to them.

The safety of the hostages is currently overseen by Prince Aemon Targaryen of the Kingsguard. He has reduced the number of gold cloaks involved in protecting the Dornish tower somewhat, and augmented their numbers with certain knights and House Targaryen retainers.

The Dornish Tower proper is guarded by at least two men at the doors at all times, and usually as many as six, who take turns escorting visitors to their desired destination and making sure nothing inappropriate takes place (they’ll station themselves outside of a door, or otherwise in the vicinity).

The hostages are no longer escorted throughout the Red Keep, but all the gold cloaks have orders to keep an eye on them (ostensibly for their own safety). They will have at least one escort—sometimes gold cloaks, sometimes knights or other retainers—when they travel outside of the Red Keep and into the city, and the watchmen at the gates know not to let them depart the city without an escort. With specific IC permission (which hostages can generally just assume, rather than needing to RP it), they may travel a short distance beyond the city walls for brief excursions; in these cases, they would have at least two to four escorts per hostage, and no more than a dozen hostages would be allowed out at one time on such an excursion. In rare cases, they may be allowed longer journeys, depending on circumstances, but specific approval (asked for via +jobs) will be required.

Hostages are allowed to carry weapons, particularly knights, as the sword is something of an emblem of their station. That said, inappropriate use of such weapons will be severely punished as a breach of their oaths to King Daeron and Prince Viserys regarding their acceptance of their place as hostages.

Generally speaking, any events of major significance to a hostage—pregnancies, escapes, deaths, etc.—require talking to us about these proposals (use +jobs).