Blood of Dragons

The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' MUSH


House Info Writeups

-We have started work on a house-related project that has been previously neglected, namely the adding of Blood of Dragons-specific information about a house to the house page where the family tree can be found. For those houses that have PCs, we would like to invite the player(s) to submit a writeup for their house. If there are multiple PCs from a house, it is a good idea for the person who does the writing to get some input from fellow house members. However, we would like to stress that these writeups should not focus on the existing PCs. Instead, they should focus on giving a concise picture of the house’s recent past and current affairs. They should also avoid including information that needs regular updating.

For an example, see House Dondarrion.

Those who are interested in working on this should get in touch with me and Balerion via page or +mail. The same goes for any questions you might have.