Blood of Dragons

The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' MUSH


Weekly Roleplay Sessions

As we discussed on the forum some time ago (in a topic recently revived), we will be trying out the idea of having a weekly roleplay session at a set day and time to give more players the chance to meet up and form connections. We will also do our best to ICly be present for these ourselves, which is why the first day and time that we will be trying out will be Sundays at 14:00 Game Time (see +time). There will be no set end time, but we would expect that such sessions might run 2-3 hours.

Initially, there will be no specific events arranged for these sessions, that is not the main point of them. However, if players want to suggest little mini-events for these sessions, we’d be more than happy to entertain such suggestions. Just keep in mind that they should be interactive events as opposed to, for example, court sessions. We do need to run some of these too, but they’re not great for getting players to interact with each other.

We will put up notes on the Events board (and the Calendar) for the first four sessions, then we will evaluate how it has been working and consider whether any changes should be made.