Blood of Dragons

The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' MUSH


Custom CG Offer

Ever since the MUSH opened, we have found that a lot of prospective players struggle with or have no interest in going through the full CharGen process. Based on player feedback, we have continuously tried to improve the process as well as added alternative ways of getting started on the game. As things stand right now, a player is able to get started quite quickly by selecting a previously played character. But we still get a fair number of prospective players who don’t like the idea of taking up a character that someone else made and who also don’t want to go through the CharGen process. We are now going to experiment with a new approach to this problem.

If you would like to play in Sunspear, but you do not want to play a previously played character and you do not want to do the CharGen setup yourself, we can do the CharGen setup for you from a written concept that you send in. This offer applies both to current and prospective players, and the following limitations and caveats apply:

1) At this time the offer is only valid for characters based in Sunspear in Dorne. This means that it is preferred that you have read A Storm of Swords and maybe also A Feast for Crows. Exceptions can be made for experienced MUSHers. If this experiment turns out well, we may extend the offer to King’s Landing-based characters too.

2) We ask that anyone interested in this offer first take a look at the CharGen process, to decide whether or not they really want us to do it and to give them a sense of what to put into the concept writeup.

3) The concept does not have to be lengthy, but the less information that it provides, the less likely the character will be just what you were hoping for. It is definitely suggested that it includes anything you are totally against as part of your character.