Blood of Dragons

The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' MUSH


Character Creation

Accounts can now be created at the login screen. These accounts will have a VISITOR flag that restricts them in much the same way that a Guest is restricted, but with a couple of important differences:

First off, to start with they will not be able to leave the Godswood (we may change this if it turns out we can accomplish certain other code changes, to allow them to at least visit the other OOC areas). Secondly, they will be able to use the +mail and +bb system and they will be able to join any other channels than what they start out with (Newbie and Connections). We are hoping this means they will be more useful for potential players who want to talk to current players before deciding which character to apply for.

It will take us a while to update all relevant files to include this information and to catch all the spots on the game where information that might now be outdated exists. If you see a Visitor connecting and asking questions about the game, please help out by informing them that they need to apply for a character from the CDB before they can start roleplaying, as we are expecting that it may confuse people into thinking they can create any character they want.