Blood of Dragons

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Another Map & Dorne News

Another map has been added to the website, this one featuring the grid layout for Sunspear.

Sunspear? Yes, we have decided to move away from our original plan, which was to open Dorne—or Sunspear and the Shadow City, rather—after the end of the Conquest. Instead, it will be opening as soon as we can get everything needed sorted out. We think that offering people a chance to play in an occupied territory, not the least during the upcoming rebellion, might provide some great roleplay opportunities.

When is “as soon as we can”, you might wonder? Well, we have the grid built now, that was the easy part. Next up is descing the grid, and there’s also some code that will need to be tweaked to take into account two areas (most notably, +rumors and Influence). The most difficult part may be fleshing out the Dornish family trees, and right now Balerion has some other things to work on so he will not be able to get to that for a while, most likely.

If there are any questions at all about this, let us know.