Blood of Dragons

The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' MUSH


+CDB Changes

Two changes have been put in place to try and make the CDB easier to use.

First, following a suggestion from a guest, a +CDB/CAMEOS command has been created as a shortcut to +CDB/SEARCH TYPE/CAMEO|CG/YES|STATE/NPC.

Second, code has been tweaked so that one can now use the full name of a character to view their entries; before now, it would not be able to find them. So, for example, +CDB Jarwen Hollard will now show the appropriate page. As an added bonus, partial full names can be used, so +CDB Jonn L will turn up Jonn Lannister’s information, where previously +CDB Jonn (and similar other searches) would point out all possible candidates who most closely fit that name.