Blood of Dragons

The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' MUSH


Draft of Conquest Timeline

A draft of the timeline of the conquest, as envisioned by us for the MUSH, that Elio has been hard at work on for a while has now been added to the Chronicle.  When you read ths, please remember the following:

Almost all of this is made up by ourselves. The basic premise of a three-pronged invasion does come from a chapter of ADwD that GRRM has read previously. So, too, does the fact that the Dornishmen focus on Lord Tyrell’s advance in the Prince’s Pass while Oakenfist quickly takes control the Greenblood. Similarly, Daeron’s use of a goat track to slip the Dornishmen in the Boneway is also from that chapter.

This is a preliminary draft. It is entirely possible that there are errors, inconsistencies, omissions, implausibilities, etc. If you notice any such that are really solid rather than just a matter of opinion, please feel free to e-mail or +mail us with pointers.