Blood of Dragons

The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' MUSH


Limited Alt Opening

We have decided to go ahead and allow alts with certain restrictions. Specifically, alts will be available to current players of Dornish hostages or to players of other characters who wish to play a Dornish hostage. Players will only be allowed one character with a tier higher than IV (to see if any such slots are currently available, see +cdb/quota) and to qualify for a Dornish hostage you need to either have 1 year of prior MU*ing experience or 3 months of regular activity here on Blood of Dragons. You also need to have read all the published books.

Players may start requesting these characters right off, though actually processing the requests may take us a little while since we need add in some more alt-checks in various place. Finally, we will note that the policy we have decided on is that alt information will be publicly available via +finger.