Blood of Dragons

The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' MUSH


Playing to Sheet

We’ve noticed in recent logs a certain propensity for players to perform difficult actions which involve skills that our character generation system covers, but which they have at a low level relative to the difficulty of the action(s) expressed, where in some cases “low level” means not having the skill on their sheet not at all. This presents some problems in terms of keeping character play consistent and retaining some of the believability we hope the system will reflect.

The game’s policy is that if you do not have a skill that can be taken in chargen, this does not mean you are necessarily completely incapable of doing anything connected to that skill. Instead, it means that for the purposes of the game, any difficult tasks you undertake will be treated as if you have no more than a 5% chance of succeeding. Basic tasks (the sort of tasks where generally one would not consider rolling, for example) can be assumed to be accomplishable if appropriate—but difficult ones (such as most combat-related tasks) are generally unlikely to succeed.

Even if you do have points in a skill, please try to moderate what you feel this should mean. Having a high score does not necessarily grant automatic success. It’s both fairly undramatic, having anything be automatically assured, and generally not in keeping with the somewhat realistic, gritty nature of the setting. Even the Hound found it difficult to deal with two men at once, after all.

Since we are still in beta, there is an option available to players who feel that a certain skill they neglected to take in chargen was in fact appropriate to take. Namely, you can submit a +job, explaining that a skill that you failed to take in your initial CG run has turned out to be very much in character, and that you would like help with moving points around so that you can buy up this skill within normal CG limiations. We’re entirely happy to do it, but players do need to take that step before it’s reasonable for them to make use of skills dilineated in CG in difficult circumstances.