Blood of Dragons

The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' MUSH


Pre-Opening Dorne

Thanks to the very hard work of Balerion, Dorne is now fully desced. In order to build up a population of characters before we begin running any events in Sunspear, Dorne will immediately be pre-opened. This will also help us iron out any code issues that may be remaining in terms of adapting the various systems to handle two areas.

This means that players can now request and CG characters based in Sunspear (for tier IIs and IIIs, we will give it a week from this announcement before we start looking at the applications competing for the available slots). Once approved, they can also start role-playing. However, players should be aware that Admin-support beyond handling regular requests, questions, etc will be limited to start with. With several plots currently running and upcoming in the King’s Landing area, we will need to focus on these for the moment. We will also continue to work on a few remaining tasks related to Dorne, such as fleshing out the recent IC history and the current court structure.

Players are very welcome to give input on the court structure (and to work with the Admin to work their characters into it), and we would also love to see more players CGing Cameos for the area.