Blood of Dragons

The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' MUSH


Spending XP

The first of the advancement commmands, +xp/practice, has been added to the game. A brief helpfile can be accessed via +HELP XP, and more information can also be found on the help wiki.

For the moment, use this command carefully. It has been tested, but at this stage we cannot be certain that everything works as it should. Make sure to take note of what your XP is before and after you use the command and also what your skills were at before and after. Report any oddities to us.

One area that needs fleshing out in the +help as well as the help wiki is guidelines for how this command (and the ones that will follow it) should be used. The basic idea is that it should be used ICly. If your character has not been doing something to advance a certain skill, then you should not be using the command to practice that skill. You don’t have to actually roleplay training a skill, but training (or at least learning more through using said skill) should be part of what your character does ICly.

If there are any questions at all, let us know.