Blood of Dragons

The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' MUSH


Story Points

Retroactive story points have been handed out to several current players who’ve made particularly significant RP contributions to the game over the past two years. From here on out, story point awards will not depend to any degree on mailed-in nominations (which were solicited last time around). We’ve created a small system for nominating players, which you can read more about via +HELP SP. For information about how to use story points, see SYSTEM ADVANCEMENT.

Players can nominate up to three players for story points per month, with a text explaining why they think that player deserves a story point. Staff will take all nominations into account when judging who gets a story point. If there are very few nominations, we will defer awarding points to the next month. Regardless of that, however, nominations should always be made for activities within the previous month rather than for general activity in past months. Finally, to make sure the story points do not start to saturate the game, only one or two will be given out each month, and staff will make the effort to spread the points around among deserving players.