Blood of Dragons

The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' MUSH


The Beta Ends, The King Arrives

The official end of the beta will take place at 1500 Eastern Time on Saturday, December 9th, with the celebration of King Daeron’s return to King’s Landing in the company of Prince Viserys and the Dragonknight, will be featured at the River Gate. It will be a bit of a reprise of the arrival of the Dornish hostages, except with a lot more pomp and a deliriously happy crowd. A feast will follow, although it will be the first of many. We know the notice is short notice, but it turns out to be the best time given the holiday season.

Within a few days, the king will be holding the first court session since his return—we plan to make these regular events at this point, aiming for one RPed court a month. Once the king and all his various company are settled and rested, there will of course be a rather magnificent tourney. I think the format will be of interest, but that’s a closely guarded secret until we nail down a firm date. Given the holiday season, we will probably have to push the tournament until after New Year.

For those who have or will request personal meetings with Daeron, you’ll start receiving possible dates for this shortly.