Blood of Dragons

The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' MUSH


The Dornish Rebellion

Almost three years have passed since King Daeron I, the Young Dragon, invaded and conquered Dorne, the last independent realm in Westeros. Within the next month, the fires of rebellion will sweep through Dorne, and in light of this we would love to see more PCs in Dorne, either Dornish natives or members of the Targaryen occupation forces. Considering that roleplay will likely be sporadic to start up, we encourage Dornish PCs primarily as alts for those who already have a PC in King’s Landing, but we will also advertise outside of the game and anyone who wishes to have just a Dornish PC is of course welcome.

While the broad outline of the events is already planned out, as we will be following what canon knowledge there is about these events, the fates of individual characters are very much up to their players. The option definitely exists to work with the Admin to tie new character concepts to current and forthcoming events.

We are hoping that as the rebellion progresses, some plot locations may be added to the grid on a temporary basis to allow for the playing out of battles and other important events that do not take place in either King’s Landing or Sunspear. Temp alts (in the form of puppets or player objects setup specifically for that purpose) will likely be made available to take part in such events, but there will also be room for actual PCs (not the least non-Dornish knights) to relocate to Dorne.

All questions and comments are, as usual, most welcome.