Blood of Dragons

The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' MUSH


Theme & NPC Opinions

While it is of course ideal if roleplay can run smoothly without the need for Staff intervention, at times it is better to consult Staff than to press ahead and perhaps cause lingering OOC resentment over a disagreement that was not properly resolved. We would like to encourage players to get in touch with Staff when disagreements of any kind arise. We do not want such actions to be seen as disruptive but rather as a way of maintaining good relations OOCly even when things get heated ICly.

In addition to the typical conflicts that can arise, some specific issues that have come up lately and which definitely should go through Staff (specifically, through Nymeria and/or Balerion) are questions and/or disagreements about thematic issues and questions and/or disagreements about general NPC opinions. What is and isn’t canon theme and what the NPCs at large feel about something can only be dictated by the Admin.