Blood of Dragons

The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' MUSH


State of Play in Sunspear

This article covers the current situation in Sunspear, and is intended to give players an idea of what the roleplay there might be like.

Attempting to win over recalcitrant Dornish lords to his peace with King Baelor, Prince Marence has done all he could, leaving some to say on the other hand that he has done too much: dangling his own sweet sister as a prize to the Wyls, sending an envoy to Yronwood, making efforts to ease the burdens of the lords of the Prince’s Pass who must restore their keeps and lands, and more. Too much, some have said… and too little, apparently, say others. Because lawlessness continued unabated in the Boneway, led by the notorious Red Rhys of the Scourge and his paramour, Alyx the Witch, who had been raised in Sunspear. Efforts were made by the Martells and Ullers alike to bring the outlaws into the prince’s peace, to end their banditry, but to little avail. Prince Marence even dispatched Ser Mavros Uller, who some whisper was architect of the death of the Young Dragon and the liberation of Dorne, to the Boneway to attempt to bring about a resolution, both with the bandits and the powerful Lady Yronwood.

That ended poorly, when Lady Yronwood seized the prince’s envoy, claiming he had broken the customs that protected envoys when he attempted to suborn her own bannermen against her. Suddenly, Prince Marence was faced with a crisis—and he chose to meet it head on at last, calling his banners, and determining to lead the host himself. It was a long journey, one plagued by corsairs at one point. But the landing on the shores of the Sea of Dorne was unopposed, and the march to Yronwood was barely opposed—mild skirmishes, no more. Outside the walls of Yronwood, Lady Linnet allowed a parley within her walls, while the Martell host prepared to lay siege… or to climb into the Boneway, where the bulk of the Yronwood strength had gathered. The parley proved fruitless, despite many entreaties, and in the end the prince and his councillors determined to take the battle to Yronwood’s banners.

But that proved difficult, for the Drinkwater who commanded Lady Linnet’s forces was wily and uninterested in engaging in prolonged standing battles. So the two hosts played cat and mouse, moving deeper into the Boneway. Some thought that he hoped Lord Wyl—who had once been as belligerent as Lady Yronwood, but now had his heir in Sunspear and his famed son Dread Daven riding in Prince Marence’s host—would bestir himself, but that never happened. Skirmishes became more common, and then an indecisive battle, and another. In the end, a bold course was taken: drive the enemy west to a place they would be trapped. This succeeded… too easily. What became a trap for Yronwood became, instead, a trap for the prince. Thanks to the bandits Red Rhys and Alyx the Witch, the Yronwood force used means to escape the alleged trap, to circle around the host, and reform behind it. Suddenly, the enemy host seemed far greater than expected, and the Martell army was caught between both halves of it.

In the end, a new peace was formed, one that left Lady Linnet not entirely pleased, and left Prince Marence rather less pleased than that. Concessions in great numbers were given to her, and she in turn returned Ser Mavros Uller—who proceeded to help negotiate the terms of the peace—and then turned over Red Rhys and Alyx the Witch both to Prince Marence’s justice. Another concession was made, it seems, the one that left both most unhappy… but that, as it happens, is a carefully guarded secret.

And so the conflict ended in the Boneway, with no one truly pleased. The Martell host has marched to the Scourge, the lords and captains and even the ladies that accompanied them have taken poleboats to the Planky Town and on to Sunspear. And now Prince Marence must deal with all the rest of the troubles of the realm, now that the Boneway is no longer a center of conflict…