Blood of Dragons

The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' MUSH


State of Play in King’s Landing

This article covers the current situation in King’s Landing, and is intended to give players an idea of what the roleplay there might be like.

Troubles in Crackclaw Point have been settled, and the pirates of the Stepstones driven back for now, but still the realm has its troubles. But these are different kinds of troubles, for a king rules who seems to some to take piety too far. Ever since his slow recovery from the venomous bites of the vipers of the Boneway, King Baelor has spent more and more time with matters of the faith. It was one thing to announce that Visenya’s Sept would be demolished so that a great new sept, to rival the Starry Sept in Oldtown, to honor the Seven, was to be built in its stead; when he said the gods told him, the cynical took this merely as a saying, no more. But it was quite another thing to announce, while the city was gripped in fear of a murderer who had slain whores and noble women and the heir to Storm’s End, that the gods had told him that the whores should be put out of King’s Landing—not some of them, all of them. Even the more naive at court understood the trouble that would come from this, the mouths with no skills and no place and no chance to feed themselves but for turning to theft or worse. Now the countryside overflows with impoverished women, begging, selling their bodies for the meanest scraps of food where once a penny or two might have kept them fed for an entire day.

And it is quite another thing still, to do something unheard of since the days of Maegor the Cruel: a king ending his marriage to his queen. The marriage had never been consummated, all knew, and for that Daena always wore white in failed hope of encouraging Baelor to end her maidenhood. But now that lack of consummation gave the High Septon cause to declare that the gods’ will was for Baelor to lead a chaste and blessed life, and that Daena might be free to wed again. There was turmoil at court, Daena’s admirers and ladies in an uproar over it, but what was to be done? Baelor was king, an the High Septon was the voice of the Seven on earth, and Prince Viserys—unconsulted, some claimed, while others said he was entirely in agreement with the king—seemed to do nothing. And now Daena has returned to her wilder ways from her youth, stirring trouble in protest to the shame Baelor’s brought on to her, and relations are at best strained between the two.

And now the court waits to learn what new revelation the gods have delivered to Baelor, and whether any man would dare to gainsay him. The small council deals with the matters temporal of the realm, but it seems Baelor has decided that the spiritual concerns of the realm are his great cause, and he will do what’s needful, however impractical, however impolitic.