Blood of Dragons

The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' MUSH


Becomming a Lady
IC Date: Day 29 of Month 2, 158 AC.
RL Date: November 28, 2006.
Participants: Sarya Baratheon and Tancred Baratheon.
Locations: Inside the City: Baratheon Manse <Main Hall>.

Summary: The young Sarya Baratheon is getting bored by being constantly chaperoned and kept away from things she considers to be entertaining. She complains to her older brother, who has enought of 'the boy' left in him to understand her.

It is slightly cooler in the main hall of the Baratheon Manse than the hot and humid weather bestowed upon Kings Landing this early afternoon. It is quiet, the silence is only broken when a servant passes through the room or one of the guards standing steadfast at the entrance lets loose a low cough.

Tancred Baratheon is seated at a table where a map of the Stormlands, his fathers realm, covers most of the surface. On top of the map is a few books placed as well, opened so the black text on white pages are visible in the light of a few candles located on the table. The hair of the young heir of Baratheon appears to still be a bit wet from the martial arts practice he apparently just completed in the yard. Now, however, his attention is on his studies and on the map in particular as his lips moves slowly, uttering silent words.

She’d opted to stay home today, even as boring as the manse was compared to the Keep, the girl didn’t feel like braving the elements and her horse to go to the palace for the day. Skipping in, not really skipping but there’s a spring in the young Baratheon’s step. Looking around the main hall she stops when she sees her brother and all but squeals with delight, “Tancred!” Giggling she rushes up behind him and attempts to wrap her small arms around her oldest brother, “It’s good to see you!”

“Hrm.. That is not a very lady-like behaviour..” Tancred remarks dryly at his sisters squealing and wrapping her arms around him, “.. Disturbing your brother in his studies, our Lord father would be displeased.” He grabs her hands and turns towards her, revealing that his expression doesnt back up his words as there is a smile on his lips and a sparkle in his eyes. “It is good to see you too, dear sister.” He offers her a gentle squeeze, but only a brief one as he eyes the guards quickly at the entrance, “It is a surprise to me how we could miss eachother the last few days, have you discovered hidden passages or something in this old Manse?” He tilts his head grinning at her, “I hope your room has been set up as you desired, Sister?”

Sarya sniffs when he speaks of their father and she shakes her head, “I doubt father would care if I hug my brother.” She shakes her head and then looks up at her big brother, “Oh King’s Landing is so wonderful, and romantic, I’ve met so many people already and I can’t wait to see the rest of it, though Septa Morina won’t let me do most of the things I want. And I have so many guards on me when I go anywhere! She gives Tancred a pout and then shakes her head, “Have you seen Arion yet?”

“Dear sister, though I am not under Septa Morinas kind supervision, then I cannot do the things I want either,” Tancred replies in a friendly tone, “.. When Septa Morina finishes telling you what you may and may not do, then you will discover that things like obligations, responsibilities and honor will dictate what you can and cannot do.” The smile on his lips has faded and the expression on his face is a serious one. He shakes his head at her last question, “I have been preoccupied most of my time here so far by doing what is expected of me, making acquaintances, studying, sparring and keeping my mount in shape.. Kings Landing does not offer many free moments I am afraid.”

Pouting cutely she shakes her head and says, “I know brother, and I am still doing my duty to our House, but it’d be nice to go hawking, and go to the market to meet all the people like I used to do at home, you know like give coppers to the children who don’t have enough to eat.” She frowns and looks up to him, “But it seems she just wants me to stay here and do nothing.”

“You are becomming a young lady now, dear Sister,” Tancred replies with an almost sad smile tickling his lips, “.. I doubt that our Lord Father send you here so you could go hawking or visit the market for your own entertainment, like me, you must make acquaintances, you must be seen at court, though not heard too much, as it suits a lady.” He pats her shoulder gently, “I think you will have to get used to Septa Morina watching your every step, and I think you will have to get used to having to spend hours in your room practicing embroidering and such even more than you did at home. It must be natural to you to do such things when you are sharing moments with other young ladies at the keep.”

Sarya takes a deep breath and nods her head, “But I’ve been doing that too, I’m good at embroidery now, and I’ve even met someone from Ashemark, I told her I’d visit when I moved to River Run.” Her shoulders slump, something that would only ever happen in front of Tancred and she continues, “I’ve even met the sworn sword to the prince, he’s from the storm lands too!”

“Ah, you met Ser Doran Dondarrion, sworn sword to Prince Balor,” The expression on Tancreds face appears to be unable to decide if it wants to be amused or dull, “I sincerely hope that you were chaperoned while speaking to him.” He notes dryly. “You should practice the name of the houses of the Stormlands some more, Sister, actually you should practice the name and most noteable people of all the houses, as it will make you appear more educated when you engage in conversations. If you fail to remember them, then you can always whisper your question to Septa Morina, she will know for certain.” He offers her another smile.

Sarya rolls her eyes and says, “I know them all sweet brother, I’m not an lackwit.” She pouts at him and says, “I was just saying that I had met him and yes I had my guards and Septa Morina with me, I even helped to answer questions about the rain to a Dornish Lady.” She shakes her head at her brother, “I just can’t believe they don’t get very much rain but twice a year, and never storms with the beautiful lightening.”

Tancred cannot help releasing a chuckle, “Ah, dear Sister, not all people in our Kings realm are as fortunate as us living in the Stormlands with our beautiful lightening and thunder sounding like drums.” He tilts his head a little while looking at her, “Are you not excited by the thought of speaking to Ser Brynden, I hear he will arrive to the city sometime soon?” His blue eyes watch er reaction with interest.

It was like a light switch within the girl, a blush forms in her cheeks and her big blue eyes light up in wonderment. “Oh! Well yes I’ve been looking forward to meeting him since I arrived.” She smooths out her skirts and says, “Do you think he will like me brother? I mean..” She looks down and blushes a little more the tips of her ears turning a bit red as she looks down at the floor, examining one of her slippers, “I’m not as pretty as some of the girls he can most likely get…”

“Ah.. You are being silly, dear sister.” Tancred replies with a grin, “.. Of course he will like you, you are very pretty and if he fails to see that, then he will certainly remember that you are the daughter of Lord Corwen Baratheon and if he will not love you for the first, then he will love you for the second.. It is your subtle task then to make him love you because of you and not because of who you are daughter of or because of your looks..” Tancred grins, “.. At least, is that not the kind of love that the singers always sing about?” His face suddently turns serious, “Let us not fool ourselves, dear sister, we are not marrying for love, if he likes you and you like him, then consider yourself lucky. You will both learn to love eachother eventually.”

Sarya sighs softly and looks up at him through her thick black eyelashes and says softly, “But I want a song… ” She pouts a little, she’s always had a soft heart and has always been naive singers planting impressions in her head everytime they came to Storm’s End. Shaking her head she sighs whistfully and says, “I know my duty brother you need not remind me, but…” Again her head shakes her long raven locks swaying lightly, “Never mind I suppose it doesn’t really matter.”

“We all want a song,” Tancred replies dryly and for a brief moment the look on his face shows that he really means it, but the expression fades away as quickly as it formed. “I am afraid that I must finish my studies now as I am going to ‘defend’ it tomorrow, I should be done by dinner time.. Then I will be wanting news from home, I know I not left long ago, but there must certainly be a little news to tell.” He smiles at her and offers her shoulder another gentle squeeze by his hand and then adds in a soft voice, “I am certain that Ser Brynden will like you.. fear not, little Sister.”

Sarya nods her head and then gives her big brother a curtsey. She says softly, “I will see you at dinner then brother, perhaps I will talk Septa Morina into letting me go back to the keep for the rest of the day, though that will be like… keeping the waves from hitting the rocks.” Shaking her head she turns and starts out of the room, her head held high and her feet making only the softest of whisper on the floor.