Blood of Dragons

The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' MUSH


Logs of past roleplay on the game can be browsed by category or viewed by month. The search can also be used to look for things such as appearances by specific characters; either use the simple search on the sidebar (this searches all of Westeros) or go to the Advanced Search and search just the logs. If you have requested an account on the website, you can also submit your own logs for inclusion in the collection.


Recent Logs

The Lord Protector Speaks
IC Date: Day 4 of Month 3, 167 AC
RL Date: October 17, 2015.

The Lord Protector, Ser Quinlan Qorgyle, presides over a court session. A wedding date is announced, along with some decisions that meet with mixed reactions.

The King’s Justice (and a Defiant Princess)
IC Date: Day 26 of Month 2, 167 AC
RL Date: October 09, 2015.

King Baelor holds court and demonstrates his approach to justice. During the proceedings, news reaches the King and the Hand that Princess Daena is missing from the Maidenvault.

A Modest Wedding
IC Date: Day 12 of Month 1, 167 AC.
RL Date: August 26, 2015.

The wedding of Ser Mavros Uller to Lady Delicia Blackmont.

Random Logs

The Dangers of Rumors
IC Date: Day 5 of Month 10, 160 AC.
RL Date: June 21, 2009.

Several nobles gather in the Red Keep, but somewhere the conversation takes a turn for the worst. Ser Ethos ends up gravely offending Lady Reyna, Ser Tancred arrives in a fury, and what started as a pleasant gathering ends in anger and distress.

Meetings with the Hand, Part 2
IC Date: Day 25 of Month 2, 158 AC.
RL Date: November 24, 2006.

The Hand meets with the other party in the quarrel that erupted a few days ago, a certain Ser Sarmion, and has some requests to make of the knight. And once Ser Sarmion leaves, Ser Almer Connington takes his place, bringing with him some requests for the Hand.

The Rose and the Blackhand
IC Date: Day 16 of Month 12, 163 AL
RL Date: August 14, 2012.

Following Ammon Massey's public performance of a song about the pirate Sullehman Saan, he comes to apologize to Reyna Saltcliffe only to be met with a swift response from the lady.