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Dermett Corbray

Dermett Corbray

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    As the eldest son of Lord Qarl Corbray, Dermett is the heir to Heart’s Home; an ancient and once powerful seat in the Vale of Arryn. At the age of thirteen he was sent to squire for Lord Kermit Tully of Riverrun as a part of the deal that saw his elder sister, Simona, betrothed to Edmure, the heir to Riverrun.

    A prodigious talent as a boy, it was during his years as a squire that Dermett began earning a reputation as a womanizer and carouser, never quite living up to the expectations placed upon him as a child. It was perhaps because of this that Lord Tully opted not to bring Dermett on campaign during the Conquest of Dorne (much to the chagrin of his charge).

    Despite this he was knighted at the age of eighteen having shown great bravery in a skirmish near to Riverrun with a party of bandits. Dermett was nearly slain in the fighting, laying comatose for nigh on a week, before recovering to collect his spurs from the Lord of the Riverlands.


    A few inches short of six feet in height, Ser Dermett Corbray is a roguish, young knight with a imperiously resilient build. There is nary an inch of fat to be found on the man’s body, for a lifetime of martial training - combined with a love of exploring the beautiful and often perilous terrain of the Vale - has crafted a physique of taut, strong muscle. He remains, however, an extremely dexterous individual; he is both light on his feet and nimble with his hands and fingers.

    A mane of dark brown locks falls across his broad shoulders, framing a handsome face of proud, Andal features. His jaw is as strong as iron, often speckled with a prickly stubble, while his keen eyes are a pale grey. A mischievous smirk oft adorns his thin, pale lips, while his nose is slightly crooked after one too many tavern-room brawls.

    Above his left eyebrow there a ghastly-looking scar that stretches to his left temple; a relic of a wound he received as a squire in the Riverlands. A fresher scar stretches from the bridge of his nose across the full width of his right cheek.

    Dermett prefers modest doublets of grey or brown over the sometimes extravagant attire of his peers. However, since the death of his wife, he is known to wear naught but black from nape to heel. Indeed, the most luxurious and colourful item the man is known to wear is a blade of castle-forged steel on his left hip, hanging dangerously inside a scabbard of crimson. He is seldom seen without it when traversing the streets of the capital.

    Offices Held

    19-02-164 - 27-08-165
    Officer to the Warden of the Kingswood, Ser Farin Prester (succeeded by Ser Jan Marbrand).

    27-08-165 - 05-10-165
    Royal Huntsman.

    22-12-165 - 22-05-166
    Officer to the Warden of Crackclaw Point, Ser Dagur Saltcliffe.

    22-05-166 - Present
    Warden of Crackclaw Point.

    Notable Events

    [20-10-163] Arrives in King’s Landing.

    [25-10-163] Attends his first tourney since arriving in the city; one held in celebration of Ser Josmyn Reyne’s wedding to lady Alyce Bar Emmon. After losing an early tilt against Ser Yorick Staunton, he proceeds to defeat the bride’s brother Ser Maeron Bar Emmon, the bastard knight Ser Benedict Rogers and the squire Ryckon Westerling. He is finally eliminated by the eventual winner of the tournament Ser Luthor Rivers. Dermett would also witness the accidental slaying of Ser Lem of the Pendric Hills at the hands of Ser Humfrey Westerling, while is also involved in a minor controversy when he returns the bridal smallclothes of lady Alyce; a “prize” he had claimed at the bedding the night before. Later that night, after singing a bawdy song detailing the events of the day, Dermett is severely beaten by a group of men led by Ser Farin Prester.

    [08-11-163] When Ser Farin Prester, then Warden of the Kingswood, declares a call for arms of the men of the city, Dermett volunteers his sword in a campaign against the bandits of the Kingswood. Performs admirably. When the Warden’s men were ambushed by the men of the infamous outlaw Rogan, Dermett was quick to draw his blade and was amongst the first knights to draw blood.

    Two bandits are felled by his hand and a third is struck down with the aid of Ser Ammon Massey. However, when the time came for Ser Farin Prester to discipline the surviving, captured bandits at the end of the skirmish, Dermett objects to the punishments meted out by the Warden (the bandits were castrated for the crime of rape, had their hands dismembered for the crime of thievery before finally facing death for the crime of banditry).

    He objects to the men facing a drawn-out death akin to torture, arguing that a quick death would have been more noble. Consequently, Dermett takes no further part in Ser Farin’s campaign.

    [29-11-163] Joins other members of the court in travelling to Riverrun for the wedding of Ser Willard Ryger to lady Andrya Tully.

    [11-12-163] Competes in a melee at Acorn Hall. While emerging on the victorious team—and earning, of all things, a golden whip as a prize—a festering dog bite on his hand leaves him delirious, feverish and unable to join in with the rest of the festivities.

    [17-12-163] Arrives at Riverrun.

    Significant Relations

    The North
    The Riverlands
    The Westerlands

    The Corbrays boast strong ties to the West. Lord Corbray himself is wed to a sister of Lord Daric Westerling, while Dermett’s late wife Damia was a granddaughter to Lord Lyndon Farman. Of the Westerlings in King’s Landing, Dermett is known to have been a close acquaintance of the erstwhile heir Ser Humfrey Westerling (since departed for the Wall), while also frequently finding cause for conspiring with Ser Ryckon Westerling, a lesser scion of the house.

    Additionally, Dermett’s younger brother Endrew is currently serving as squire to Ser Ingram Swyft, the knight of Cornfield.

    The Vale
    The Stormlands

    The Corbrays have few friends amongst the banners of Storm’s End. However, Lord Corbray’s cousin Ser Astos Corbray is wed to lady Belissa Caron, the granddaughter of the Lord of Nightsong, whose brother Ser Bryce is set to inherit the family estates.

    The Reach

    Dermett has had limited dealings with foreign lords or merchants, save for the bandits and pirates he has fought in battle. The sellsword Florio—a well-known face in the King’s Landing winesinks—is supposedly fond of the Corbray heir yet he is never like to prove any use politically.

    From Roleplay

    Memorable Quotes

    Selected Logs

    • [16-06-159] A Lordling Forlorn - Celebrations the night of the Bar-Emmon/Reyne wedding tourney turn violent; an heir gets paid more than he bargained for with his song.

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