Blood of Dragons

The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' MUSH


A Most Noble Court
IC Date: Day 20 of Month 3, 159 AC.
RL Date: December 14, 2007.

All the noblest and best of the city were gathered in the throne room of the Targaryen kings, with the great black skulls of the dragons looking down upon them. Merchants, guild masters, and even small folk looked down upon the glittering court from the galleries, as the king and the royal kin—save Prince Aegon and Princess Naerys—entered the thronged hall.

Seated upon the Iron Throne, King Daeron called Prince Viserys before him and confirmed him in his place as Hand, thanking him for his efforts on his behalf and that of the realm. So, too, was Lord Lyonel Tyrell confirmed as holding wardenship over Dorne, as part of his duties as Warden of the South. Ser Alyn Velaryon, the only member of the small council not present, was also confirmed in his place as Master of Ships, and besides His Grace commanded that a new royal galley would be made to serve as his flagship.

Among the many other gifts and rewards—the giving over of certain watchtowers in the Boneway and the Prince’s Pass to the guardianship of the marcher lords, gold dragons and silver stags to certain captains, the shipment of Dornish yew to Oldtown to be turned into longbows for the royal armory, and more—was a request from one of the Dornish hostages, Serion Uller. The blind young man, led before the Iron Throne with the aid of his sister Lady Liane, requested that he may pursue taking up the vows of a septon. His Grace, sensitive to the request, asked for the High Septon to share his opinion. His High Holiness approved, and admitted Serion as a novice of the Faith, to study at the royal sept under the tutelage of Septon Elwood.

Perhaps most importantly of all, the king and the small council announced various remissions of taxes related to trade in Dorne, with the obvious intent of encouraging it. Wagons travelling the passes of the Red Mountains would now be free of royal tolls for the space of two years, excise tax on grain shipped to Dorne from ports holding royal license would be suspended for five years, and tariffs on certain goods from Dorne arriving in royal ports would be suspended for a period of three years. Also, for the forthcoming tournament, it was also announced that King Daeron would raise a hundred squires to knighthood by his own hand, with gifts of plate armor, swords, and gilded spurs to mark their new achievement.

Eventually the court drew to a close, and His Grace withdrew. One of his two squires was seen approaching Ser Almer Connington, however, and leading the knight away from the hall and the departing crowd.