Blood of Dragons

The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' MUSH


A Fierce Blaze of Riot
IC Date: Day 23 of Month 12, 159 AC
RL Date: September 12, 2008.

The butcher’s bill:

The body of the missing gold cloak officer, stripped of armor and clothing alike and left in a gutter, was recovered from an alleyway beside the Bakers’ Square. Three other watchmen have been killed, and a dozen more wounded, since the rioting began

Two bakers, five bakers’ apprentices, and three hired guards buried at a sept on Rhaenys’ Hill.

At least two dozen more dead, victims of the initial riot and the chaos that has followed, gripping Flea Bottom and threatening to spill into the more wealthy surrounds.

The riot that begun the previous day has continued almost unabated, slowing only in the heat of the day to surge again as darkness falls. The Dornish hostages have been kept to the Red Keep with extra guards at their doors, and other Dornishmen in the city have taken to barricading themselves in homes, or finding asylum in the septs of the city. The City Watch struggles on, attempting to calm the situation with minimal force, but the worst of the rioters—egged on by a deranged poor brother raving about the godless Dornishmen, and by those thugs and cutpurses who think to turn the riot to their own advantage—accept nothing but the direst force, which seems only to stoke the flames. The whole of Bakers’ Square has been abandoned by the bakers, and the Iron Way near there has been disrupted enough that traffic there has slowed to a trickle in favor of other routes into the heart of the city. The result of all this is unease, as the sparks that began with little more than Dornish hate has turned into a more general, purposeless conflagration.
In the Red Keep, King Daeron is often closted with Prince Viserys and the small council, and sends orders and requests for news to the harried Ser Richard. Early in the afternoon, he personally called on the Dornish hostages and Prince Cadan, but it’s said that he left them with a troubled mind and sent insistent messages to the Commander of the City Watch commanding that the unrest be put an end to. Orders followed, and more watchmen were moved into the area, but only groups of a dozen or more presently dare to enter Flea Bottom itself. Rumor has it that some of the denizens are raising barricades in the narrow streets and alleys of the warren.