Blood of Dragons

The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' MUSH


The Lay of the Land
IC Date: Day 14 of Month 11, 161 AC
RL Date: July 25, 2010.

Though autumn may be slowly turning leaves north of the Red Mountains, in Dorne the sun still burns nearly as fiercely as it did in the long, blood-drenched summer, though the night winds off the sea blow cold. Prince Marence has been said to have kept late hours, doing what he could to begin to repair the damage done to Dorne by the Targaryen invasion and conquest, and the rebellion that followed. Ser Mavros Uller, the former exile, is now accounted one of his chief advisors, though he holds no formal office (Prince Marence’s father’s doing, it’s said.)

Thoughts turn towards the matter of the mountain lords, who have been restless since the war ended, having lost so much in the Young Dragon’s wars and then in the peace Prince Marence made, when he gave towerhouses and watchtowers to pious young King Baelor as a surety against attack. It’s whispered that Lady Yronwood has been truculent in her responses to missives from the prince and his councillors concerning the state of the Boneway, and others say she has allowed Red Rhys of the Scourge supplies for a rumored raid into the Dornish Marches. It is, suffice it to say, a concern ... especially when the Targaryen king means to cross the Boneway, afoot, leading the Dornish hostages home as a part of the peace agreement.

The Planky Town is slowly being restored, and ships from the Free Cities have begun to arrive, bringing much-needed trade and contact with old allies among the merchant princes. One thing they do not bring, however, is Prince Rhodry. Having sailed months ago on some mysterious errand, the Keeper of the Tower of the Sun has not been heard from. Yet two knights—trusted men, men who Rhodry’s father Ser Quinlan brought with him to Sunspear when he wed the late Princess Coryanne—who journeyed with him have returned without the prince. Fetched from the Planky Town, they were taken to Sunspear, and it’s said Prince Marence had some sharp questions about his brother’s doings. Late that night, the two men were apparently sent back to the Planky Town, and it’s said the prince commanded them to sit there until his wayward brother made his much-delayed return from .... Braavos? So the rumors run. Could Prince Marence have hoped to influence the selection of a new Sealord, by sending his brother to make alliances?

Some would say that’s ridiculous. If it were Cadan, rather than Rhodry, perhaps… But Rhodry? Negotiating and making subtle alliances? Never.