Blood of Dragons

The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' MUSH


The Mother’s Will
IC Date: Day 9 of Month 7, 163 AC.
RL Date: March 11, 2012.

The last blessing given by the septon at a late morning service, many waited for the king and royal kin to depart before they made their way from the Royal Sept. His Grace King BAELOR did not make a quick departure, but the king - looking pallid (in the midst of fasting, some say, to seek the intervention of the Seven in the murders that have been plaguing King’s Landing) - made his way to the statue of the Mother, praying silently to the statue, before he departed the sept. The Saltcliffes, DAGUR and REYNA alike, awaited the King’s pleasure, as did the Lord JUSTYN Serry - though his ironborn wife was notably absent. JANNIA Tully came, a copy of the Seven-Pointed Star beneath her arm, and Ser FARIN Prester, newmade Warden of the Kingswood, and his squire RYCKON Westerling… Ser KENDROS Goodbrook, Ser ASTOS Corbray, Ser TREBOR Thorne, Ser BLAYNE Condon, and Ser HUMFREY Westerling wait, some patiently and some less so, for the King’s departure to permit them all to leave.

The Queen, DAENA, seems little pleased by her brother-husband’s antics, rolling her eyes and sweeping away with her ladies in tow - her brother does not notice her sarcasm, but others, Ser ERMEN Frey amongst them, do; even as she departs, the lady AISLING Ryswell arrives, and just in time… For those that wait upon the King, their waiting is not without a reward - an odd one, perhaps, for Baelor speaks with great enthusiasm, and of matters which concern the court.

He has received a visitation - the Mother in her divine grace has spoken to him, of her daughters lost to the Faith through their shame, but her daughters nonetheless. Calling the city a fleshpot and place of wantonness, he avers that the city will no longer have prostitutes - no, the whores will be gone, no longer to entice men to sin. His eyes bright with fervour and glittering with adoration, he announces the brothels shall be closed, the whores themselves to be put outside the walls of the city; to find the Faith again in motherhouses, or honest labour, positions as wives and mothers rather than temptations.

With His Grace’s plans made clear - the whores to be put outside King’s Landing, all such dens of iniquity and sin closed - the court is only left to wonder: when, and how?