Blood of Dragons

The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' MUSH


A Festive Occasion
IC Date: Day 1 of Month 1, 159 AC
RL Date: September 20, 2008.

Following the unrest of the previous week and more, ended with bloody resolve by King Daeron, certain guilds of the city of King’s Landing have banded together (at the crown’s suggestion, some whisper) to throw a festival throughout the city to celebrate the dawning of the new year. Already, the guild of the stonemasons has thrown a public feast before their guildhall, distributing bread, roast pork, and quantities of apple cider and wine. Feasts, public performances by mummers and minstrels, processions, footraces and more over the rest of the week will culminate in an open tournament with a weighty necklace worth a hundred gold dragons as the prize for the victor!

Though the City Watch remains without a commander, it’s been said that King Daeron has temporarily appointed three under-officers of old Ser Richard to jointly manage the safety of those attending the festivities. The gold cloaks have been especially concentrated in the region of Flea Bottom, ensuring that another wave of violence is unlikely to break out. Up on Aegon’s High Hill, it’s said that the Dornish hostages have again been relegated to being dogged by escorts, and presently only a handful have dared to show their faces outside the Red Keep. This increased security may have more to do, of course, be do to the disappearance and only recent recovery of one of the hostages, Lady Valeria of House Blackmont. Regardless, the safety of the Dornish hostages seems as much a concern for the watchmen as being constantly aware of their presence. How long this increased security shall continue is anyone’s guess, and may depend on the appointment of a new Commander of the City Watch before all is decided.