Blood of Dragons

The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' MUSH


An Envoy Is Chosen
IC Date: Day 29 of Month 4, 163 AC
RL Date: January 01, 2012.

To settle matters in the Boneway—that has been the chief concern of Prince Marence, it seems, but some say he did not seem to find it an urgent concern, and others say that that’s due to the prince’s own slow deliberation, attempting to navigate the complexities of the situation. Lady Yronwood had provoked much and more, but she has kept her swords close since the flare-up in the Marches. Is it because Lord Wyl’s heir has been a guest at Sunspear, and rumors swirl that he is on the verge of betrothing Ariana Martell (other rumors say quite the opposite)? Is it because Prince Marence has already offered some recompense in secret, to keep her loyal? Some thought that was the case, at least, until it transpired that at last Prince Marence announced a decision.

An envoy will be sent, with a few Martell knights and guards, to Yronwood, to speak with the prince’s voice, to attempt to persuade Lady Yronwood to the prince’s willing friendship and hopes for all her concerns to be allayed… within reason, for Marence will never give up peace with the Iron Throne, not when war and rebellion cost so many lives, saw so many towns and villages razed. And who shall be this envoy? Ser Mavros Uller, apparently, a choice Prince Marence made even after some courtiers put themselves forward, even after some attempted to raise doubts about Ser Mavros’s loyalties with rumors of his plots to advance himself. But the once-exiled knight has been an increasingly common fixture at court and at the Prince’s side, advising him on many matters in the time since he played such a central role in overthrowing the rule of the Targaryens, and now it seems he has garnered an office, even if a temporary one.

There are those who might view Uller’s mission with deep suspicion, but Prince Marence seems convinced and will not change the appointment. And so preparations are made, for Uller and his honor guard to travel by sea towards Yronwood, and some wonder what Lady Yronwood will make of it… and some doubtless hope that she might shorten Uller by a head, even if it means that Prince Marence will be forced to take up arms after such a provocation.