Blood of Dragons

The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' MUSH


King’s Landing Tourney (Day 4, Part 3)
IC Date: Day 19 of Month 6, 159 AC.
RL Date: March 12, 2008.

Following the joust and the choosing of Balian Blackwood as champion of the day, the throne room saw the noble guests and royal family entertained by groups of mummers, including one that is said to have come from across the Narrow Sea just for the tourney. While nobles dined on fine foods and drank fine wines, each group was brought in, announced by the King’s herald.

The first group recreated the romantic tale of the motley knight, Florian the Fool and his Jonquil. The act was quite over the top, from the men dressed as women (complete with melons down their shirts) to the hyperactive Florian who enjoyed interacting with the onlookers. When his true Jonquil (a rather large man in costume) ran away he rushed around the hall, bestowing flowers upon various ladies, taking each of them as his Jonquil, begging for their love. Eventually the real Jonquil returned and embraced her Florian, concluding the scene.

The Braavosi troupe was called for next and some are still wondering just what the purpose was. The performance appeared to be a number of Westerosi houses (for each mummer was dressed as some of the great houses’ sigils) fighting over a blue stone first held by a falcon. The dance/fight was interrupted by a giant of a man painted like the Titan of Braavos. He strode into the hall and claimed the stone for himself, declaring that this jewel belongs in Braavos.

A young man calling himself the Peacock Bard strode in next, singing a rather scandalous song that had many maids blushing and no doubt many septas furious. He was not afraid to work the crowd, approaching many a young lady and offering looks that were quite suggestive. There was a sizable crowd that did enjoy his tune and he left to mostly cheers and applause.

The final act was a rather grand re-telling of the Conquest of Dorne. The reaction was quite mixed, with hoots and hollers from some, uncomfortable silence from others. Mummers in masks to represent the Dornish houses fought against those in Westerosi ones, including an amazing dragon handled by two performers. The dance was quick, the battle of Sunspear fierce and it is said that the hunting of the outlaw Vaith upset a few of the onlookers, though thankfully the mummers refrained from any displays of blood.

When all was done guests were asked to cast their vote with stones handed out to them and while the voting was said to have been very close, the King awarded the prize to the Braavosi troupe.