Blood of Dragons

The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' MUSH


Turmoil in the Dornish Tower
IC Date: Day 14 of Month 5, 159 AC.
RL Date: February 05, 2008.

Last night, the King’s men took and (further) imprisoned a hostage from the Dornish Tower.

Shortly after dusk, a troop of goldcloaks, a maester, and four retainers of Viserys Targaryen, Hand of the King, made their way quietly into the Tower and the Fowler residence on the second floor. The men emerged barely a minute later with Damarya Allyrion in tow.

Outside of her apartments, Damarya’s screams for Serion Uller echoed into the stairwell. She was not calling for help, however, but for the blind young man to come out and face her. In the words of one bystander, Damarya, stiff and shaking with rage, promised to “claw her way out of the grave to get him.” Serion failed to appear, though, and since the goldcloaks were preparing to gag her if she continued, the one-eyed woman then shut her mouth and allowed them to escort her out in silence.

Returning a short time after, the goldcloaks proceeded to tear through the Fowler apartments under the supervision of a maester. During the search, the goldcloaks allowed no one entry besides a servant, who left shortly afterward with an armful of Damarya Allyrion’s belongings. The sounds of terrified birds amidst the crashing furniture distressed Lanei Fowler in particular, and Damarya’s former friend and caretaker spent much of her wait pacing the tower stairs.

Word has spread since daybreak that the goldcloaks hauled Damarya not to a motherhouse, but to an isolated cell within the Keep. There, a select few servants and maesters “will tend her as befits her station.” The hostages may not see her, however, and with the authorities keeping such a tight lip about the affair, the Dornish can do no more than speculate about the arrest of one of their own. Prince Aemon Targaryen has been seen personally directing new guardsmen assigned to the Dornish tower, a number of them members of the Hand’s own household. The Dragonknight has offered few remarks on the increased security.