Blood of Dragons

The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' MUSH


Expect the Unexpected
IC Date: Day 22 of Month 4, 161 AC
RL Date: January 04, 2010.

While war raged in the north of Dorne, at the mouth of the Boneway around the twice-besieged Yronwood, in Sunspear matters had been different. Prince Marence had been quietly gathering spears to his seat, after sending a troop of men under the royal banner, Ser Laurent Dalt and Ser Baduin Santagar at their head, north to join his bannermen in liberating Dorne. This proved successful, with Vaith and Godsgrace freed of foreign sellswords and Targaryen garrisons alike, and the sun-and-spear of Dorne travelled on to the Boneway where they joined Lord Mors Manwoody in taking control of the Boneway…

The Red Flood
IC Date: Day 7 of Month 4, 161 AC
RL Date: December 19, 2009.

The Dornish forces held the ford of the river that barred the king’s passage along the Boneway for two days, repelling numerous assaults. With daring and skill, they had forces on the other side of the river roving, harrassing any attempts to find a sound water supply, leaving the encamped force to sneak what water they could in the night. The result, under the hot Dornish sun, was a force withering from from too much thirst. Horses, in particular, were the hardest hit—some died thanks to the lack of water. The strange, cool wind from the west was barely any comfort, when the sun was as…

A Ford Too Far
IC Date: Day 5 of Month 4, 161 AC
RL Date: December 18, 2009.

The king’s march has come to a halt, after the inexorable push down the south had proved so successful. After the Battle of the Rampart, the Dornish forces seemed to lessen their raids against the march, although outriders could often see enemy horsemen on swift sand steeds shadowing the march, and signs of Dornish spears having been just ahead of them. Still, contact with the enemy was rare. But each day drew the force a little nearer to a river cutting across the Boneway, a river in a deep gorge, its only crossing a ford at the base following a narrow and winding track. Such a place where…

Battle of the Rampart
IC Date: Day 23 of Month 3, 161 AC
RL Date: December 05, 2009.

The king’s march progressed through the Boneway, despite the minor skirmishes and raids suffered all along the line of his great army as it wound through the red mountains of Dorne. Each day meant a day nearer to Yronwood, under siege by the largest of the Dornish armies. Yet each day also meant a day further from the source of much of the king’s supplies, and each day meant that his army was outstripping his supply a little more. Water in particular had become a precarious thing, and on some days the army was forced to march into the night to be able to rest, exhausted, at a watering…

The King Lands - Bloodshed Follows
IC Date: Day 8 of Month 3, 161 AC
RL Date: November 22, 2009.

As the rebels of Dorne seize back more and more of their land—Salt Shore, Yronwood, and Wyl the last of King Daeron’s strongholds—battle has been joined in the Boneway, as Ser Sarmion Baratheon led forces under the Baratheon banner to force their way up the mountain pass. Their purpose? To throw back Lord Manwoody and the rest of the rebels, to relieve Wyl that was virtually under siege, and to meet the Young Dragon’s seaborne force. But Lord Manwoody, that wily old lord, succeeded in delaying the greater force of stormlords. The king would have no help.

Well over a hundred galleys,…

Dark Banners
IC Date: Day 16 of Month 2, 161 AC
RL Date: October 30, 2009.

After the fall of Vaith and the execution of Beslon the Bad, the Dornish forces under Ser Baduin Santagar and Ser Laurent Dalt occupied Vaith while planning—in concert with Krazdan Big Nose, the new captain of the Bright Banners—what they would do to liberate Godsgrace from King Daeron’s garrison there. The next day, the former pit fighter from Meereen led the greater part of the Bright Banners eastwards, loaded with much of the coin they were paid for cutting their banners and joining the rebels. A week later theyreached Godsgrace. There they were allowed to enter the town, under the false…

A Chaotic Tourney
IC Date: Day 11 of Month 2, 161 AC
RL Date: October 25, 2009.

Princess Daena’s tourney opened with a grand joust in the tourney grounds of King’s Landing, which drew more than sixty fine knights and lances to challenge for the prize. The tourney brotherhoods formed a great portion of the participants, and there were those who said that more than the rich purse of gold she offered, it was the right for a company to be her champions for a year and a day that spurred them on. Of course, that the Dornish Sons of the Spear took part—and were allowed to take part by King Daeron, despite all the ill-feeling towards the Dornish as the king made preparations to…

The Fall of Vaith
IC Date: Day 6 of Month 2, 161 AC
RL Date: October 20, 2009.

A hard fought battle led to an interminable siege at Vaith, with the Dornishmen under-supplied and the Bright Banners within the walls of the town isolated from any likely help. Would the Dornishmen try to storm the town? Would the Beslon the Bad attempt a truce? Matters hung in the balance, before a parley was called and Beslon and some of his officers rode out to meet Ser Laurent Dalt and his companions half way between the walls and the Dornish siege camp. For the most part, it seemed as is Smallwood was quite bored and sought the parley as entertainment. The banter traded back and forth…

All’s Fair in Love and War
IC Date: Day 27 of Month 1, 161 AC
RL Date: October 11, 2009.

The rebellion in Dorne continues apace, with Lord Velaryon holding Salt Shore still, now awaiting word from King’s Landing for when he should strike against the Planky Town and Sunspear, and in the Boneway Lord Manwoody has achieved notable victories even as the stormlords march towards Blackhaven under the Baratheon banner; even the garrison at Wyl is threatend, it is said, and a number of watchtowers have fallen to him and to Red Rhys of the Scourge and Alyx the Witch. But in the south, a force under the Martell finally stirred to threaten the king’s garrisons that still hold along the…

The Prince Decides
IC Date: Day 16 of Month 1, 161 AC
RL Date: September 30, 2009.

Ser Alyn Velaryon and many of his captains have been returned to their fleet at the command of Prince Marence, discharging his duty to them according to the ancient laws of guest right, though few of his subjects are pleased by this decision. Soon after, it was said that a pair of galleys from the fleet—having halted its plans to assault Sunspear to free Oakenfist, now that the master of ships was freed—were seen off the coast near Sunspear, making all sail for the Broken Arm. Doubtless, they carried word to the king of the latest events. This did not alleviate the concern that the king’s…

The Spears…
IC Date: Day 7 of Month 1, 161 AC
RL Date: September 21, 2009.

... are going to war.

After three weeks of inexplicable indecision, Prince Marence Nymeros Martell gathered his councillors to reveal to them that he intended to raise his banners against the foreign king, Daeron Targaryen, who had forced Sunspear to submit to him three years before almost to the day. There had been great unrest in the shadow city in those tense weeks, as the rest of Dorne rose up in arms against its oppressors, with a number of lords now gathering forces to assist in removing the last of the king’s garrisons still holding out in the Dornish strongholds they have taken. From…

Unhappy New Year
IC Date: Day 1 of Month 1, 161 AC
RL Date: September 15, 2009.

The king had gathered the court to celebrate the end of the 160th year since Aegon’s Landing, and the opening othe 161st. It was to be a festive occasion, despite the dire news from Dorne, because the king was confident that his cousin Lord Oakenfist would settle matters despite Lord Tyrell’s death, the loss of his men, and the firestorm of rebellion that set that hot, miserable land. In the course of the feast, the king was able to convince most of those present that it was a matter of time before Velaryon, his fleet, and his forces would bring Sunspear into line, and the rest of Dorne must…

The Red Sands of Dorne
IC Date: Day 18 of Month 12, 160 AC
RL Date: September 02, 2009.

A fortnight has passed since the assassination of Lord Lyonel Tyrell and the destruction of his force of some three thousand knights and men-at-arms at Sandstone. Lured there to see the tar-covered, desicated head of Andrey Blackmont, he found the old blind lord of the castle solicitous, though his castellan Ser Mavros was away. As was his custom, Lord Tyrell took the lord’s bed chamber for his own, and having developed a fondness for Dornish women, he pulled a bell-rope to summon some slut to warm his bed. Unfortunately for him, at the pull of the rope, the bed’s canopy fell open and…

A Rose Wilts in the Desert
IC Date: Day 12 of Month 12, 160 AC
RL Date: August 27, 2009.

The feasting hall of the Sandship witnessed Prince Marence hosting Ser Alyn Velaryon, the king’s master of ships and commander of two of the chief forces in Dorne, and a number of other knights and lords in the king’s service. It was a relatively somber affair, the Dornish men and women present less enthused than even the knights from beyond the red mountains for the most part, and some of the guests at the high table were less than pleasing conversation. Ser Alyn, the famous Oakenfist who seized the Planky Town and smashed a Dornish fleet off the Broken Arm, was a genial man, it’s true, but…

Wedding Bells and Dented Helms
IC Date: Day 9 of Month 12, 160 AC
RL Date: August 24, 2009.

The wedding of Ser Sarmion Baratheon, known as the Stormbreaker, to a daughter of Lord Hightower was a grand event that drew most of the lords of the stormlands to Storm’s End. So, too, did it bring a number of the great magnates of the realm, Prince Viserys and the king’s siblings chief among them. Flocking to Storm’s End where Lord Corwen hosted a great wedding and ensuing festivities, the bride was lovely to behold and the giant Baratheon knight was as imposing as ever as the vows were exchanged before a thronged crowd. Many gifts were given, including a small galleas from the king. The…