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2.1.4. Bannerhouses
  • House Celtigar of Claw Isle (I: 677. II: 718)
  • House Velaryon of Driftmark (I: 677. II: 600)
  • House Seaworth (I: 677)
  • House Bar Emmon of Sharp Point (I: 677. II: 718)
  • House Sunglass of Sweeport Sound (I: 677. II: 718)
  • House Hayford (II: 30. III: 49. IV: 396)
  • House Hollard was an ancient and noble house, who had three daughters wedded to Darklyn kings during the Age of Heroes. They were almost entirely destroyed at King Aerys's command following the Defiance of Duskendale, except for the young Dontos Hollard who was allowed to live at Ser Barristan Selmy's request (II: 33. IV: 134)
  • The lord of House Velaryon is styled Lord of the Tides and Master of Driftmark (II: 110, 718)
  • The Velaryons have the blood of ancient Valyria and have thrice provided brides for Targaryen princes (II: 110)
  • House Rosby's lands and castle are north of King's Landing. Their castle is found at the village of Rosby, where there are daub-and-wattle huts, a sept, and a well. (II: 193. IV: 56)
  • House Stokeworth's lands and castle are north of King's Landing (II: 193)
  • At best, the bannerhouses and wealth of Dragonstone might allow 5,000 men-at-arms, sellswords, and knights to be gathered, of which less than 400 would be mounted (II: 351)
  • Duskendale is eastwards from Harrenhal. Its lands are rich (II: 653)
  • Claw Isle is the ancient seat of House Celtigar (III: 408)
  • The Celtigars are reputedly quite wealthy, their castle said (probably unreliably) to be stuffed with Myrish carpets, Volantene glass, gold and silver plate, jeweled cups, magnificent hawks, an axe of Valyrian steel, a horn that could summon monsters from the deep, chests of rubies, and more wines than a man could drink in a hundred years (III: 408)
  • The Rosbys have never been robust (III: 561)
  • The Stokeworths are accounted a minor house (III: 738)
  • Lord Hayford was a noted loyalist who was appointed Hand by King Daeron II just before the Redgrass Field, as Lord Butterwell had done such a terrible job in that office that some questioned his loyalty. Lord Hayford was killed during the battle (TSS: 110)
  • The shortest road from Kings Landing to Duskendale passes through Rosby and moves in a northeastern direction. (IV: 56, 57)
  • Duskendale has a port (IV: 57)
  • The Defiance of Duskendale occurred approximately in the year 270, give or take five years. The Lord of Duskendale refused to pay taxes, demanding certain rights and the town charter following the influence of his wife from the Free Cities (IV: 65. SSM: 1, 2)
  • House Rosby is considered wealthy in comparison to its peers (IV: 113)
  • The town of Duskendale is surrounded by a pale stone wall. It’s southern gate opens into a market square (IV: 130-131)
  • The Seven Swords in the largest inn in Duskendale, being four stories high. Seven painted white swords hang above its doors, commemorating the seven Darklyn knights who served in the Kingsguard (IV: 131-132)
  • Duskendale is built around its harbor. Chalk cliffs rise north of it, while to the south a rocky headland shield ships from storms coming from the narrow sea (IV: 131-132)
  • Duskendale's castle is known as the Dun Fort. It overlooks the port and can be seen from every part of town. It features a square keep and large drum towers (IV: 132)
  • Duskendale's streets are cobbled (IV: 132)
  • No house had as many knights in the Kingsguard as House Darklyn's seven (IV: 132)
  • The Darklyns no longer exist, destroyed by Aerys following the rebellion of Lord Denys Darklyn known as the Defiance of Duskendale (IV: 133)
  • There are a number of families claiming descent from the Darklyns in Duskendale, including the Darkes, Darkwoods, and Dargoods (IV: 133)
  • The Darklyns were petty kings before the Andals came, during the Age of Heroes (IV: 133)
  • House Rykker was given Duskendale following the destruction of House Darklyn (IV: 133)
  • House Leek, serving House Rykker (IV: 133)
  • The Hollards served the Darklyns first as subjects and then as vassals, all the way through to the Defiance (IV: 134)
  • Ser Symon Hollard, master-at-arms of Duskendale under Lord Denys Darklyn, killed Ser Gwayne Gaunt of the Kingsguard when King Aerys was seized. He was killed in turn by Barristan Selmy when he rescued the king (IV: 134-135)
  • Like the Darklyns, the Hollards were destroyed by King Aerys. Their lands were seized, their castle was torn down, and their villages were put to the torch (IV: 135)
  • House Crabb, a family from Crackclaw Point (IV: 213)
  • Ser Rolland Darklyn was the youngest knight to join the Kingsguard, until Ser Jaime Lannister. Given the white cloak on a battlefield, he died within the hour, but his king survived (IV: 237)
  • It's said every valley in Crackclaw Point has its lord, and the lords are united against outsiders (IV: 281)
  • The Darklyn kings and the Mootons and Celtigar lords have all tried to impose their rule over Crackclaw Point in the past, but to no avail (IV: 282)
  • When not fighting outsiders, the lords and knights of Crackclaw Point fight among one another. Occasionally some champion manages to enforce peace over the point, such as Lord Lucifer Hardy, the Brothers Brune, Crackbones, or Ser Clarence Crabb (IV: 282)
  • The lords and knights of Crackclaw Point were made vassals to the Targaryens by Queen Visenya when she accepted their homage after the defeat of Harren the Black. Despite this, the Mootons, Celtigars, and Lords of Duskendale have occasionally attempted to impose their taxes and claims there, to no avail (IV: 283)
  • House Hardy, House Pyne, and House Cave of Crackclaw Point have had a knight each serve in the Kingsguard. House Crabb had three (IV: 283)
  • Lord Brune rules the Dyre Den, a small castle with three crooked towers above bleak cliffs. It is sited above the end of the coast road. There is a narrow path carved up the cliffside (IV: 286)
  • The Stokeworth motto is "Proud to be Faithful" (IV: 358)
  • The hilltop castle of the Hayfords is a day's ride north from King's Landing. A stream runs along the foot of the hill (IV: 396-397)
  • The arms of House Hayford are pale green fretty and a wavy pale over gold (IV: 397)
  • A towerhouse held by the Knights of Sow's Horn, of House Hogg, who are sworn to the Hayfords, is at least 5 days north of Hayford castle. They command only a small force, perhaps half a score men-at-arms and crossbowmen and a score of peasants. The towerhouse is of stone, with walls eight feet thick (IV: 400, 738)
  • The boundary between the lands sworn to King's Landing and those sworn to Riverrun, marked by a stream, is a mere day's ride north of Sow's Horn (IV: 400)
  • House Brune, the Knights of Brownhollow, vassals to the senior branch. They are an old family (IV: 612, 738)
  • House Brune, the Lords of the Dyre Den (IV: 738)
  • An army appeared outside Whitewalls, a host raised at Lord Bloodraven's command. Lord Mooton and Lord Darklyn were among its leaders, and there were Hayfords, Rosbys, Stokeworths, and Masseys involved (TMK: 731)
  • The bannerhouses of Dragonstone present the weakest military force on land in the Seven Kingdoms (SSM: 1)
  • Elaena Targaryen was the youngest of Aegon III's children, Her greatest love was her cousin Alyn Velaryon, by whom she bore twin children named Jeyne and Jon Waters. (SSM: 1)