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House Glover of Deepwood Motte

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General Information

Deepwood Motte is a wooden motte-and-bailey castle situated northwest of Winterfell in the very northern edge of the wolfswood near tidal flats of the Bay of Ice. Galbart Glover rules the house, but being unwed and without children, his brother Robett stands as his heir. Robett’s wife is Lady Sybelle of House Locke and he has two children by her, his heir Gawen and his daughter Erena.

Among the companions of Brandon Stark who were killed by the Mad King, Aerys Targaryen, was Ethan Glover. His father may have been killed as well, and the exact relations of Ethan Glover and his father to Robett and Galbart are unknown. In all probability, Ethan Glover was the elder sibling and heir of the house.


Recently the keep, which was being held by Robett’s wife Lady Sybelle, was captured by Asha Greyjoy and her force of ironmen after two weeks of siege. The fate of Lady Sybelle and her children are unknown, but it is probable that they have been taken hostage. Galbart Glover joined Robb Stark’s cavalry force as they lifted the siege of Riverrun and later raided into the westerlands.

After helping take Harrenhal, Robett Glover and Ser Helman Tallhart were ordered by Roose Bolton, in the name of the king, to attack Duskendale. Robett was captured and eventually exchanged for Lannister hostages, put on a ship at Duskendale for the North. Galbart was sent on a Mallister longship to the Neck before the Red Wedding, to find the crannogmen so that they could aid on an attack on the ironborn-held Moat Cailin. Deepwood is liberated by Stannis Baratheon’s forces, and Lady Glover is left in control of the seat. Robett Glover was returned to White Harbor, where he found refuge with Lord Manderly. Together, they harbor the secret knowledge that Rickon Stark lives on Skagos, and they work together to dispatch Ser Davos Seaworth to retrieve him.