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House Redwyne of the Arbor

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General Information

The Arbor is a large island off the southwest coast of the continent of Westeros, famous for its wines and the massive Redwyne fleet, roughly equal in size to the royal fleet. Lord Paxter Redwyne is the head of the house, and is brother-in-law and friend to Lord Mace Tyrell. By his wife Mina of house Tyrell, he has had three children: the twin sons, Ser Horas and Ser Hobber (mocked as Horror and Slobber), and a daughter, Desmera. Lady Mina’s mother is also a Redwyne, the notorious Queen of Thorns, Lady Olenna.

In the past, Ser Ryam Redwyne was one of the greatestt knights in history and served as Lord Commander of the Kingsguard. He was also Hand to a king, but he was a failure in that office.


Ser Horas and Ser Hobber were at King’s Landing when King Robert died, and were held captive at the Red Keep by the command of Queen Cersei. With his only sons hostages in King’s Landing, Lord Paxter was among the few lords in the Reach who did not come at the call of the Tyrells and King Renly. However, with the return of his sons as part of negotiations between the throne and the Reach, he mustered his troops and was among those lords instrumental in the victory beside the Blackwater. For his aid, Lord Paxter was granted thirty years remission on taxes levied on certain Arbor vintages.