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AllThingsD Panel

Verge Interview

HitFix Red Carpet Interview

New Jersey Monthly Interview

[Note: The link below is a transcript of the interview which was used as a source for this profile.]

Emmy Panel

IGN Red Carpet Interview

Zap2it Red Carpet Interview

Omnivoracious Interview
Sports Illustrated Podcast
Deeper than Swords Speech Interview (German)

[Note: This interview is in German.]

CCCB Interview

CCCB_George R. R. Martin (VO En/Esp) from CCCB on Vimeo.

Adria’s News Interview

ARD Mediathek Interview

[Note: This is a German language interview, with Martin dubbed over in German. However, it does show a bit of his miniatures collection and home, so may be of interest even if you don't know the language.]

MTV Worldcon Interview

Get More: MTV Shows

Get More: MTV Shows

Get More: MTV Shows