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Euron and the Globe

I have a few questions for you.....

1) I live in NYC. R u ever going to come to the city so i can meet you and get a book signed? I hope so!

I have family in Bayonne and often visit the NYC area, but no NYC bookstore has ever expressed any interest in having me sign there.

2) I was wondering if you could tell me if Euron CrowEye is a faceless man himself or if he simply hired a faceless man? Will we see more of Euron? He seems like a great idea for a character and id love to see you develop him somemore.

Euron is not a faceless man. Yes, you'll see the Crow's Eye in A FEAST FOR... hey, what a coincidence...

3) Is your world round. I mean if Dany traveled far enough east couldnt she come to the other side of westeros?

Yes, the world is round. Might be a little larger than ours, though. I was thinking more like Vance's Big Planet.... but don't hold me to that.