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Valarr and the Tourney

[Note: This is an edited transcript of a conversation between Rania and Mr. Martin, carried out over AOL's Instant Messanger.]

Rania: in the hedge knight, it was said that the KG didn't participatein the tourney becasuse it was agasinst their oaths to fight a prince of the blood. but we know that rhaegar fought against at least ser barristan and ser arthur in tourneys... what changed?

GeoRR: a tourney really isn't a fight... it's sport

Rania: i know. and i understand why baelor didn't worry about the king's guard fighting on areion 's side in the trial by combat. But even before that , the KGs who were at Ashfort said that they wouldnt fight in that tourney because they didnt want to fight against Valarr and Aerion..

GeoRR: well.... ssshhhhh.... but it's pretty plain in Hedge Knight, if you read between the lines, that everyone was bending over backwards to make Valarr look good