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September 2011

The Sound of Young America Interview
Submitted By: Ed Plocher

[John Hodgman, writer, actor, and comedian, fills in for Jesse Thorn for this interview. Hodgman was invited to write the profile for GRRM for the TIME 100, and has previously spoken about his appreciation of the series and Martin's efforts, as well as referenced these things on The Daily Show.]

The Sound of Young America

MTV Geek Bubonicon Interview
Submitted By: Elio

The Sword of the Morning vs. Barristan the Bold
Submitted By: AB

[NOTE: This is from private correspondence without the usual header information we use to verify. However, a screenshot of the message can be seen here, with the name of the respondee redacted.]

Who would win in a fight, Barristan Selmy or Arthur Dayne (in their best days)?

Dayne... if he was armed with Dawn.

If both men had equivalent weaponry, it might be a toss-up.

Local iQ Interview