Game of Thrones

HBO's 'A Song of Ice and Fire' TV Show


Bran Stark

The fourth of Lord Eddard Stark’s children, Bran is a little boy whom his mother Lady Catelyn calls her “summer child” because he has never known any other season. He dreams of knighthood, enjoys exploring the castle of Winterfell and climbing upon its walls and roofs, and has a sweet and trusting nature which makes him a favorite of many in Winterfell. He takes after his mother, with her Tully auburn hair and blue eyes.

On the show, the character is slightly older than in the novels and his hair does not seem very auburn (although apparently some reddish dye was worked into it to give him at least a bit of highlighting).


Season Two

Bran is left in Winterfell to rule with the advice of Maester Luwin and, later, Ser Rodrik Caswell. His strange dreams continue, and portend of something terrible happening… which happens when Theon Greyjoy and a small force of ironborn seize the castle after using a ruse to lure Ser Rodrik and Winterfell’s guard away. Bran is forced to tell the people of the castle that he will surrender to “Prince” Theon. However, the wildling woman Osha assists Bran, Rickon, and Hodor to escape imprisonment after allowing Theon to bed her. Tricking Theon into believing they escaped the castle, in fact they hide in the crypts of Winterfell until the day that Theon is betrayed by the ironborn and the castle is razed. Leaving the crypts, they come across the dying Maester Luwin, who advises them to seek safety at the Wall. Bran and Rickon say their farewells to Luwin, while Osha gives Luwin a boon—a merciful death—before taking the children away from the burning Winterfell.