Game of Thrones

HBO's 'A Song of Ice and Fire' TV Show



Played by Robert Pugh

A taciturn, dangerous wildling, Craster is considered an abomination by many other wildlings for his practice of wedding his own daughters, of whom Gilly is one. He is unfriendly to Mance Rayder and gives grudging aid to the Nights’ Watch, with rangers occasionally finding shelter at his “keep”. It’s said that Craster’s father was a ranger of the Watch who bedded a wildling woman of the village of Whitetree. He is powerfully built but white-haired with age, with a drooping mouth that gives him a cruel aspect. The actor cast in the role seems a reasonable fit for the character as described.


Season Two

Craster, a wildling who occasionally helps the Watch, is a grudging host to Lord Mormont’s expedition. Tensions arise over his “wives”, who are in many cases his own daughters. When he slips out at night with a newly born baby, Jon follows him, only to discover that he has left the child as an offering to the white walkers. Craster catches Jon and clubs him senseless, and drags him back to his keep. There he gives an ultimatum to Mormont, sending him and his men from the keep as soon as possible.